IELTS Test Registration

How to Register for IELTS

The IELTS exam was introduced as an alternative method to visa interviews in order to test the English proficiency of candidates. It has slowly grown to become the world’s largest and most comprehensive English proficiency test – testing all aspects of the language. Test DatesBeing aware of IELTS test dates is important if you plan to register for the IELTS. There are 48 fixed test dates for testing in the Academic module and 24 fixed test dates for testing in the General Training module. You will have to contact your IELTS Test Center to find out on which of these prescribed dates they conduct the test. Choose an appropriate test date as a refund on cancellation is made only if you cancel at least five weeks prior to the test. To gain in-depth information about the IELTS test dates, follow this link.IELTS Test CentersIt follows that to complete your IELTS registration, you will have to contact your local IELTS Test Center. To find out which test center is nearest to you, visit this link – While discussing the features of an ideal test center, the following points came up. A test center should be close to you, provide the test in the module you require on the date you require and if you need special accommodations, it should be able to provide those. Not all IELTS test centers provide special accommodations for those with disabilities that might affect their test performance. If you require some such special arrangements, you should inform your chosen test center at least three months prior to the test. They will then make a decision about whether they can create these altered testing conditions or not. For more information on IELTS test centers, visit the following link.Test RegistrationRegistering for the test is not that difficult and all you require to register is a valid passport/national identity card, two passport sized photographs and a completed application form. There are several options available to you for registering for the exam. You could do so online by visiting the website of your chosen test center. You can also complete this process by visiting the test center in person or by mailing your application form. Provisions regarding cancellation or postponing of your registrations have been made subject to certain restrictions and limits on the refund of the IELTS test fees.Test FeesThere are no set fees for the IELTS exam and the exam fee varies from country to country, though it is the same for both modules. To find out the fee for taking the exam in your country, you can utilize the IELTS Worldwide Search app created by the makers of the test. Entering your country and city in the required fields will prompt the program to generate a list of the available test centers, the test dates provided by them and the fee charged by the test centers to take the exam. There are some additional fees charged by test centers for the extra services they provide such as rechecking the test results and processing requests for more than five free score reports. To find out about the exact amount of these fees, you will have to contact your local test center. Mostly, the fee is not refunded if you cancel or postpone the test any time between the five weeks leading up to the test or if you are absent on test day. But if you have valid medical reasons for doing any of the above, your full deposit will be refunded to you. Follow this link to gain further information.For any more information regarding the exam, visit

The Best IELTS Test Registration Option

The IELTS exam is conducted the world over for the purpose of ascertaining an individual’s proficiency level in the English language. This test is required to be taken by everyone who wants to seek admission in foreign universities for higher education. It is also required whilst applying for migration or general work experience or training. It has come to be one of the most important criteria while making admission decisions in universities.The most important step while planning to take this exam concerns your registration for taking the IELTS. It is advisable that you register for the test as early as possible so as to get a date of your choosing. Since the exam is conducted from over 800 test locations, spread over more than 130 countries, choosing a date suitable to you is not a very difficult task. To find a test date and test center closest to you, visit the following link – You will be able to move on to the website of the test center once you have used this application to locate the nearest test center. Three major ways of registering have been made available by all test centers:

  • Online
  • In Person
  • By Mail

Before we move on to discussing these methods in details, we must also briefly touch upon the documentation you must be ready with while registering for the exam. Four main things are required:

  • A filled up application form.
  • Two passport sized photographs of you.
  • A copy of your passport or national identity card.
  • Registration fee.

Once you have arranged the above items, you can easily register for the exam.Registering OnlineFor online test registration, all you have to do is visit the website of the test center of your choice. When you click on the option asking you to register online, an online test registration form will appear which you are expected to fill completely. Next, you will be asked to choose the test date that you prefer. The availability of the test date will be conveyed to you side by side. You can either be asked to pay online or send the money via mail. Within three days of registering for the test, you are required to email your passport sized photographs, a copy of your passport/national identity card and a copy of the email confirming your registration. This option is great if you do not have the time to go to the test center yourself as you will be granted the convenience of time and place as well as the benefit of immediate processing of your registration request.Registering In PersonYou can go to your chosen test center and choose to complete your  test registration in person as well. If you choose this option, you will be required to carry all the necessary documentation with you so that you can submit it on completion of your form. You will be asked to select the module you want to test in and the test dates you wish to take the exam on. Once your registration has been processed, your test center will contact you and confirm your registration.Registering By MailIf your chosen test center is too far, the organizers of the test provide you with the option of registration by mail. To do this, you must first download and take a printout of the application form ( You must fill it up completely and email it to the address of your local test center along with two passport sized photographs, a copy of your passport and the registration fee. The center will get back to you for confirming the test registration. One shortcoming of this method has been that there is no way of knowing whether your registration has been confirmed or not until after a few days.Choosing the Best Registration OptionNow that three methods of registering for the exam have been enumerated, you can choose the one that suits you the best. These days, it is felt that the online registration option is the most convenient and the best option. This is because you are provided with the option of registering at your own ease, all information about the test is available online and your registration is processed immediately. The next best option is registering in person as at least you can submit all documents alongside and do not have to mail them later. The least preferred option is registering by mail.For more information, visit the official website of IELTS –