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How to Make the Most of an IELTS Book

The key to learning any language is practice. The key to acing a test also entails practice. Thus, in order to prepare for IELTS, it is recommended that you purchase preparatory materials. In this article, we would discuss the bestIELTS books or preparatory materials available in the market today.Official IELTS Practice MaterialsThis is the only book which is prescribed by the makers of the test as practice material. The book comes in two volumes – one with an audio CD and the other with a DVD. Both books begin with introducing the readers with the pattern of the test. Next, scoring information is provided and various useful tips are given that are aimed at helping readers maximize their scores. A number of practice Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing tests are given replete with answer keys. The tape scripts of the Listening and Speaking tests are also provided along with the book. In Volume 1, which is the audio CD version, a Listening test is given for practice and three examples of the Speaking test are also given. In Volume 2, which is the DVD version, along with the Listening test, three videos of students who have taken the Speaking test previously have been provided. You can buy these books from the official IELTS website or from Amazon. The Amazon links for the two volumes are given below.Volume 1 – 2 – IELTS CollectionThe Cambridge IELTS collection is a book that is published by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. The collection has 8 books, all of which begin with an introduction of the test and a discussion on the types of questions asked. Each book contains sample tests on all four sections of the exam. Reading and Writing tests for both modules are given, though there are four tests each for the Academic module and only two each for the General Training module. All this is accompanied by CDs and audio cassettes that contain Listening practice tests. Tapescripts to Listening and Speaking tests are given in the books. It is the most popular book series used while preparing for the test and is ideal for self-study. You can buy all the books or selected titles on Amazon. The link for the book is – Insight into IELTSThis book is a publication of Cambridge Books and must be purchased only after you feel that your proficiency in English is of at least a Band 6 level. This is because the material provided in this book is for a more intensive preparations and the level of difficulty of practice tests is greater. This is the ideal book if you want to move to a higher band and can be used to up the ante on your preparation level. The book can be purchased from Amazon ( as they usually waive off shipping charges.IELTS Testbuilder 2This book is a Macmillan English publication. It is aimed at teaching students how to attempt different questions. The book guarantees that students who use this book will be able to further enhance their performance in the test. Students will find four fresh practice tests of the IELTS exam. IELTS TestBuilder 2 is accompanied by audio CDs that contain the Listening test. Tapescripts to this test are given in the book. The complete set can be purchased on Amazon, the link to which is – Helpful Hints for IELTSA publication of Adam & Austen Press, 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS is one of the few books that come in specialized versions for the two modules. Thus, you have two separate books for the Academic module and the General Training module. Each book contains four Reading and Writing tests and two Listening and Speaking tests. As per the standard, all tests are accompanied by detailed answer keys and the Listening test, given in the audio CD, is accompanied by a tapescript. Additional help on the correct way to approach all the sections is given as well as helpful tips on enhancing your performance in each section. The Amazon links for buying the books are given below:

A Guide to Obtaining Maximum Benefit from an IELTS BookIf you purchase a preparatory book, you should know how to make the most of such a book. Since IELTS books are developed for self-study, do the practice tests and then analyze where you went wrong. Be thorough with the types of questions asked and the tips given to help you perform better in the test. If you had a great number of incorrect answers in a particular practice test, do it over and over till you get it right. Refer to multiple books so as to have ample sample tests to practice from.There are a few other books that students use to prepare for the exam. These titles include 202 Useful Exercises for IELTS, 404 Essential Tests for IELTS, How to Prepare for IELTS, On Course for IELTS, etc. If you require any more information about the test, you can visit the official IELTS test website –