LSAT is the acronym for Law School Admission Test and is administered by the Law School Admission Council. The LSAT is administered worldwide for prospective law graduate students who wish to pursue law education in the universities across the USA, Canada and some other countries.

LSAT Administration

LSAT is administered four times in a year, only at the test centers designated by the LSAC, in the months of June, October, December and February.The LSAT includes the questions that will assess your abilities which you will require throughout your law graduation to become a successful lawyer in future.Exam Focus provides LSAT aspirants like you with thousands of questions to help you practice for the test. With detailed explanations to all the questions and an assessment of your test taking skills, we are the right source for all your LSAT practicing needs. The following information is an outline of the LSAT test sections and their structure.

Section Logical Reasoning (LR) Reading Comprehension (RC) Analytical Reasoning (AR) Writing Sample Unscored Variable section
Question Type Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Essay Type Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 24 – 26 26 – 28 22 – 24 One Essay
Time Allotted 35 minutes 35 minutes 35 minutes 35 minutes

LSAT Sectional Description

Logical Reasoning (LR)

This section of the test consists of multiple-choice questions and tests your ability to logically analyze situations and draw critical conclusions. Our website provides you with hundreds of practice questions to help make your logical reasoning stronger.

Reading Comprehension (RC)

The Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT consists of four sets of passages each followed by five to eight questions. You are required to read the given passages and answer the questions based upon the information that is provided to you. Our website provides you with hundreds of questions for this section.

Analytical Reasoning (AR)

The questions in this section test your ability to assess facts and deduce logical conclusions from them. Our website provides you with hundreds of questions for this section.

Unscored Writing Sample Section

On our website, you can find many tips and guidelines on how to frame a good essay. There are many examples for you to understand the rules in a practical sense.

LSAT Practice Tests


Logical Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning