LSAT Reading Comprehension Section

LSAT – Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT consists of questions that will be based upon certain passages. For any particular question, you are required to read the given passage, interpret the given information and then answer it. Your answer will either be based upon the facts, inferences or conclusions from the passage.

Practice Support for You

Do ensure that you have practiced this section well before you decide to take the test. After all, a perfect score can be achieved only if you practice and prepare well. Use Exam Focus’ sample practice questions to sharpen your skills.

Understanding the Scoring Scheme

LSAT follows the procedure of calculating the raw scores and then scaling them. The total number of correct answers that you give, result in your raw score. LSAC uses the raw score that you receive and converts it into a scaled score, using a statistical method called equating. Your raw score is therefore converted on a scale ranging from 120 to 180 to give your final scaled LSAT score. You also receive your scores in percentages which are called the percentile scores..

Types of Questions

In this section of the LSAT, you will have to read the given passages, analyze the information in them and then answer the questions, accordingly. The passages are usually quite long. These passages can be excerpts from texts, novels, magazines, periodicals and newspapers. The subjects of the passages can vary from humanities to science, to literature, current affairs etc. However, prior knowledge of these texts is not required. LSAT Reading Comprehension questions are designed to understand your critical skills, as well as, your eye for details!

Number of Questions

The LSAT Reading Comprehension section consists of 4 sets of passages. Each passage is followed by 5 to 8 questions. Thus, in total you will have to solve 25 to 32 questions.

Allotment of Time

Like for the other sections of the LSAT, you will get 35 minutes for the Reading Comprehension section as well. However, the catch in this section is that these 35 minutes are inclusive of the reading and the answering time.

How to Improve Your Skills

Reading Comprehension questions can be based either on direct or on indirect references to the given passage. You should be in a position to answer these questions by grasping the content of the passage with clarity in the provided time. Rigorous practice is mandatory for success!ExamFocus brings to you hundreds of passages that are designed to help you increase your skills through the intricacy of their questions. Clicking the following five links shall lead you to the page that offers hundreds of sample questions for your practice.