LSAT Test Dates

When is LSAT Offered?

Choosing a convenient test date is essential for any examination. Moreover, in case of college entrance or international examinations, like the LSAT, it becomes all the more important. There are number of things that you should take into account while selecting LSAT test dates , because a well thought over test date can make or break your career! The LSAT is a very stressful examination, thus your test date should be such that you can take the examination with complete confidence and a relaxed state of mind. While selecting a test date for LSAT, you should consider a number of things, which have been discussed in the following section of the article.Things to Take Into Account During LSAT Test Date SelectionThe LSAT is an examination taken by prospective law school students. Since, it will test your abilities as a future lawyer. Critical and analytical reasoning, is an essential part of this examination. Thus, you should take the test seriously and select LSAT test dates with equal attention. Some of the points that you should remember while doing so are as follows:

  • Country of residence: Although the LSAT is held four times in a year, yet it is held on different dates in different parts of the world. Thus, depending on your place of residence, you will have to select a date.
  • College admissions deadline: The LSAT is held in February, June, October and December. However, you should select a date so that it provides sufficient buffer time for you to take the test, and the scores to reach the respective colleges.
  • Complete your preparation: You should take the LSAT only after you have prepared for it thoroughly. Candidates often take the examination casually, because of the provision of retest. Nevertheless, you should remember that the colleges you apply to will have access to the scores, of all your attempts. Usually, students who have take the LSAT a number of times are not considered favorably by the admissions authorities of colleges.
  • Considering other factors: Certain candidates cannot take the test on a Saturday due to religious reasons. If you are one such candidate, then ensure that you have checked the day, as well as, the date before selecting your test date.

The above mentioned list outlines the main considerations for selection of test dates for LSAT. Once, you have understood them, you should think about registering for the test. The main benefits for early registration have been discussed below.Register for the TestEvery year there are a large number of students taking the LSAT. However, there are a limited number of seats available in the testing centers. Moreover, if you register early then you will be given priority, by LSAC, during the allocation of examination seats among candidates. Seats are distributed amongst candidates in a chronological manner, based on the date that they have registered for the examination. Hence, in order to get a seat in the test center of your choice, on the test date that you have selected, you must register for the examination, as early as possible.Another important benefit of early registration is that you will not have to pay a hefty late registration fees. Finally, early registration will also give you an idea of the time you have to prepare for the test. You can then draw your LSAT preparatory schedule based on that. Moreover, once you have drawn the schedule, you will also have the urge to prepare for the test. Hence, early selection of a suitable test date and early registration has a number of benefits. To help you select LSAT test dates, some links are mentioned in the following section of the article.Choosing LSAT Test DatesOnce, you have understood the importance of test dates for LSAT; you must proceed with selecting the most convenient test dates. The links below will give you an idea of the dates that are available:

The above-mentioned links are of the official LSAT website. You should study the website thoroughly, because there too you will find pointers that will help you select a test date. Moreover, here you can also find out the registration fees required. So select a date and register for the test at the earliest, in order to avoid any last moment tension.