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How to Select an LSAT Test Center?

While appearing for an international examination, like the LSAT, it is absolutely essential that you select the test center after careful consideration. There are nearly 540 testing centers, out of which you have to select the most convenient test center for LSAT. If you select a test center that does meet your requirements, it can have disastrous results. Hence, to help you with your selection, the points that you must be consider before you make a selection, have been discussed under separate sections in this article.Your Place of ResidenceThe LSAT is held four times in a year. Since, it is an international examination; there are a number of LSAT test centers the world over. Hence, while registering for the examination, you must choose a test center , according to your country of residence. If you need a detailed list of the test centers in your country then click on the following link: important point to remember while choosing a test center is the distance that you have to travel. In other words, you should select a testing center that is not far away from your house. Traveling a long distance, on the day of a stressful examination like the LSAT, can become nerve racking! Hence, it is good idea to check out the test center before you finally select and mention it in the registration form.Centers will Depend on the Test DateThe LSAT is held all over the world in February, June, October and December each year. However, the dates will be different, based on the country you are taking the test from. Hence, the points that you must remember during the selection process with regard to the test date are as follows:

  • The LSAT, for all the dates, is not held in each and every testing center. Thus, before you select a test center, ensure that it holds the examination on the date that you have chosen.
  • While selecting a test date, you must take into account the admissions deadlines of the colleges that you wish to apply to. You must select a date such that, it provides sufficient time gap for the scores to reach the colleges, before the deadlines. Once you have selected the date, you must consult the list of centers that hold the test on the date that is most convenient for you, and then choose accordingly.

The above mentioned points outline how the selection of test date and test center are co???related. However, the LSAT test centers also have certain limitations of their own, which have been discussed in the following section of the article.Knowledge of the LSAT Test Centers BeforehandThe numbers of seats available in the test centers are limited. Moreover, they are distributed among-st candidates, depending upon who has registered earlier for the examination. In other words, the students who have registered early will receive preference over the candidates with a later registration dates. Thus, while registering, you might find out that the center that is most convenient to you, has no more seats. In such a scenario, LSAC will have no option, but to provide a seat in the next most convenient LSAT test center. Thus, before you register for the test, check out a few suitable test centers and then make your final choice.Another important point to take into account is the facilities provided by the test center. For example, if you cannot take the LSAT on a Saturday due to religious reasons, then you must choose an alternative test date. Ensure that the test center that you select accommodates such requirements. In other words, you must make certain that the test center of your choice holds the examination on an alternative date.It is often a good idea to check a few online reviews of the test centers, before you finally choose one. Candidates, who have already taken the test, often write online about their experience on the day of test and the facilities provided by the testing center. Based on these reviews, you can gain an insight into the test center of your choice. So research well, before you select a test center and register as early as possible if you want to be assured of a seat in the test center of your choice.

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