LSAT Prep Books

LSAT Books that Every Aspirant must have

Purchasing preparatory books for any examination can prove to be a daunting task. It is especially so in the case of books for LSAT. There are a number of LSAT preparatory books available in the market and each claim to be the best of the lot! In such a case, how do you choose goodLSAT books? The best method would be to personally browse through them in your local bookstore or library, and then purchase only those books, which meet most of your requirements. To help you understand the better known books for LSAT that are available in the market, overviews of these books have been given in the following sections of this article.Official LSAT Preparatory BooksThe LSAC, in order to help students preparing for the LSAT, has published the following three study books:

  • 10 New Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests
  • 10 Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests
  • Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT Prep Tests

Since, the publisher and author of all the three books are same; you can be assured that the information provided in them will also be similar. Moreover, since these are published by LSAC you can be sure of the authenticity of these books. The practice questions provided in any of these books are also very similar to those; you will come across in the actual test. The explanations are also quite elaborate, so that you can understand the analysis behind each answer. This will help you understand how you should approach the questions and the process for solving them. If you want to purchase any of these books then click on the following link: LSAT Preparatory BooksOther than the books published by LSAC, there are number of other LSAT guide books available in the market. Some of them are as follows:

  • Master the LSAT (Prep Course Series) by Jeff Kolby: This book provides elaborate explanations as to how to solve LSAT questions. It also includes solutions of 4 actual LSAT question papers. Moreover, it also teaches you strategies, to minimize your efforts and maximize the results. In other words, the strategies provided by Mr. Kolby will help you take the test more efficiently. If you want a complete LSAT preparatory book then you can purchase it by clicking on the following link:
  • LSAT Explained: Unofficial Explanations for “The Next 10 LSAT Prep Tests”: As the name of the book suggests, it provides explanations of questions belonging to 10 LSAT question papers. A unique feature of this book is that it provides you with a number of tips and strategies to help you increase your reading speed. This is especially important for the Reading Comprehension section. If you want to purchase this book, then click on the following link:
  • Candidates often require books that deal with specific sections of the examination. Such books have been discussed in the following section of the article.

Section Specific LSAT Preparatory BooksStudents often wonder as to the importance of the Writing section of the examination. The assumptions about the writing sample of LSAT increase, because this section is not scored by LSAC. However, the writing sample is very essential in the admissions process. Thus, the book Essays That Will Get You into Law School is very essential if you want to know the importance of your writing sample. Moreover, this book comes with a lot of sample essays, prompts and strategies regarding writing a good essay. This book can be purchased through the following link: section that students preparing for the LSAT are usually worried about is ‘logic games’. The book LSAT Logic Games Bible: A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Logic Games Section of the LSAT aims to remove your fear of it. This book teaches you a number of methods for solving these questions, with ease. It also comes with a number of practice questions, so that you can hone your skills, by solving these questions using the methods that you have learnt in the book. You can purchase this book by clicking on the following link: Comprehensive/dp/097212960X/ref=cm_lmf_tit_1So, go through the websites given in the afore-mentioned sections of the article. After that purchase only those LSAT books that you think you need. Do not purchase too many of them, as it will only lead to confusion. After that, follow the instructions given in those books, closely, throughout your preparation for the examination.