LSAT Test Overview

Important LSAT Test Information

Every year a large number of aspiring law students take the Law School Admission Test, better known as the LSAT. This examination is organized by the LSAC, or the Law School Admission Council. Prospective students, from all over the world, who want to study in the law schools of the USA or Canada have to take this examination, in order to get admission in the law schools of their choice. If you want to study in a premier law school in the USA then you have to score very well in your LSAT. For that you need to first gather all the information about LSAT.Understanding the LSATThe LSAT is one of the few international law examinations that allow students from all over the world, equal chance to get admission in the renowned law schools. This is unique, because the legal system governing a nation varies from country to country. However, LSAC has overcome these difficulties by devising a question paper, which will primarily test your critical and analytical skills.These are two most essential talents that a future lawyer must have. Thus, more than academic prowess, the LSAT scores indicate your capability to think under stressful conditions. This is because you have to take the examination within a fixed time. In other words, during the examination you will face time constraints, because you have to complete the entire question paper within a fixed time. This brings us to the next most important in formation about LSAT – the question paper structure, which has been discussed in the following section of the article.Structure of the LSAT Question PaperThe LSAT score along with your GPA are the two most important elements of your admission portfolio. Hence, it is evident that the LSAT test structure is an indelible part of the test information that you must acquire prior to taking the test. The structure of the test is as follows:

  • Number of sections: The LSAT question paper consists of three main parts, viz, Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. The other two parts are essay writing and an un-scored section. As the names of the sections suggest, they are designed to analyze your capacity in being able to methodically evaluate the questions, in order to arrive at the correct answer.
  • Question types: The three main sections of the question paper comprise multiple choice questions. There is a fourth section to the question paper, where you will have to write an essay on a given topic. This Writing Sample is however, not scored by the LSAC. It is sent directly to the colleges that you have applied to.
  • Time consumed by the examination: Each section of the questions paper has to be solved within 35 minutes. Although, the time appears to be about half an hour, yet you must remember that you must solve five sections. Along with that, if you take into account time consumed by administrative functions, like checking your identity, filling out any details etc.; it can be safely said that the LSAT will take up nearly half of your day.

If you require more information then click on the following link:, you have gathered the preliminary test information, you must consider preparing for the test.Preparing for the LSATAlthough, on the face of it the LSAT appears to be testing your innate talents, yet do not be under the impression that critical and analytical skills cannot be acquired. Good scores in the LSAT can be achieved by hard work and practice. You can prepare for the LSAT by hiring a tutor, or enrolling in a course, or preparing online through a website. Anyhow, whichever method you choose to select, ensure that it meets most of your requirements. This final piece of information is the most serious one, because practice is the only route to a worthwhile examination!