PSAT is the abbreviation for Preliminary SAT and NMSQT is the abbreviation for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Since PSAT is allowed to be taken by even a sixth grader, this test is taken by a large number of students as firsthand practice test for SAT. If you are serious on preparing for the PSAT to make to the scholarship competition, then it is strongly advised that you prepare a foolproof prep plan to achieve your goal.

PSAT Administration

The PSAT is administered just twice in a year. For the year 2013, the test dates of PSAT are October 16 and October 19. For the year 2014, the test dates of PSAT are October 15 and October 18. There are no official test centers to administer PSAT and only high schools administer the test.The PSAT consists of three sections in all. They include Math, Critical Reading and Writing Skills. All the questions of the PSAT are multiple-choice questions except for 10 questions in the Math section. These 10 questions are referred to as open-response questions and they need to be answered on a grid.

PSAT Help at ExamFocus

ExamFocus provides PSAT aspirants like you with thousands of questions to help you practice for the test. With detailed explanations to all the questions and an assessment of your test taking skills, we are the right source for all your PSAT practicing needs. The following table gives you a quick glance of what the MCAT consists of and other details.

Section Critical Reading Writing Skills Math
Question Type Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Multiple Choice & Grid-ins
Number of Questions 48 39 38
Question Types

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PSAT Practice Tests

Critical Reading


Writing Skills