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SAT or SAT aspirants would certainly be aware of the competition that persists among the test takers of these tests. Hence, to gain skills that would help you get through the huge competition, you are required to work hard by taking support from the many different options available for you. Attending coaching institutes is one of the most trusted practices  to make you competent. However, not all students get a chance to attend classes at coaching institutes, for various reasons. In such a case or even otherwise,books serve a great purpose in helping you to achieve your aim of scoring high in the PSAT.There are lots of guides in the market currently. You cannot just go on and read those one after the other. You shall have to be choosy. You should select theones that can help you gain knowledge of the concepts and help you sharpen your test taking skills. Good  books are surely the best companions compared to other preparation tools. If you can wisely select the most appropriate preparation books and give them a thorough read, then you can improve your overall chances of performing well in the examination. Here, we examine five good PSAT preparation books, in order to help you choose the one that can meet your requirements precisely.The Official SAT Study GuideOwing to the fact that PSAT is analogous to SAT, the College Board, the official administrators of SAT, recommends this Official SAT guide for students who are preparing for the PSAT. If you feel that understanding the test from the administrators’ perspective is necessary, then this book is for you. This updated study guide comes with 10 real practice tests and you can also gain access to exclusive online tools for making your preparation more edgy. You can buy this book online at:’s PSAT/NMSQTBarron’s PSAT/NMSQT, 16th Edition is highly preferred,  by PSAT aspirants in special. It is authored by experienced research scholars. In this preparation book, you get 5 full-length practice tests that include a diagnostic test too. All these tests are designed to reflect the essence of the original PSAT questions, thereby equipping you with the right knowledge. In fact, this book extends to provide not just PSAT preparation support but  guidance for SAT as well. This book focuses on various difficulty levels to prepare you well enough. You can purchase this book at: PSAT/NMSQTKaplan is arguably regarded as the best institution providing competitive exam preparation support worldwide. This particular book, Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT Premier 2012 is one of the strong books that give you comprehensive preparation support. This book is equipped with four full length practice tests, including one diagnostic test to help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. It contains score raising strategies that have endured many years of testing. You can even gain access to online support that will further help you in making your preparation livelier. You can buy this book at: Graw Hills PSAT/NMSQTMc Graw Hills is preferred quite less when compared to other publishers on this list. However, this particular book, the Mc Graw Hills PSAT/NMSQT, is an astonishing book when it comes to providing preparation support for PSAT aspirants. It is a full-fledged comprehensive guide that provides you exceptional support throughout all the different sections and the question types of the PSAT. It comes with 6 full-length practice tests, extensive review of various concepts and proven test taking strategies. More importantly, it is the cheapest book of allthat have been listed out here. You can purchase this book at: the PSATPrinceton Review’s latest edition, Cracking the PSAT 2013, is the kind of book that lets you focus more on test taking strategies rather than mere conceptual knowledge. Unlike otherPSAT books that concentrate more on educating you conceptually, this book provides you with scores of strategies that would help you score high. It comes with two full-length practice tests and strategies focused towards each and every question type featuring in the PSAT. You can buy this book at: