PSAT – Writing Skills

The PSAT Writing Skills section typically tests your ability to exercise sound English language skills. This section consists of three different types of questions.


  • The Writing Skills section of the PSAT consists of three types of questions namely Identifying Sentence Errors, Improving Sentences and the Improving Paragraphs.
  • The  section extends for a total time of 30 minutes and consists of 39 questions in all.
  • This means each question of this section gets just over a minute to be answered.
  • Hence, you should be fast while being attentive to the accuracy of your answers.

ExamFocus’ Practice Support

Ensure that you have practiced this section well before you decide to take the test. After all, a perfect score can be achieved only if you practice and prepare well. Use ExamFocus’ sample practice questions to get your skills sharpened.

Testing & Scoring Scheme

  • All the three question types collectively test your language skills like correct usage, structural organization of sentences, fault recognition in the structure of the given sentences etc, to be more precise.
  • All the questions of the PSAT Writing Skills section are in multiple-choice format and require you to select one answer choice among the given five answer options.
  • The scores of every section vary between 20 and 80.
  • First, the questions you have attempted get raw scores, which are then converted to the scaled score that varies between 20 and 80 through a process called equating.