PSAT Test Dates

When can you take the PSAT?

It is very important that you concentrate on all the aspects involved with any particular test. If you are a serious PSAT aspirant, then you should not take any chance with respect to even a single aspect of testing. One such important aspect apart from preparing for the examination is taking the test. In fact, the whole process of taking the test virtually depends upon how you choose your test dates since it might affect your performance at the time of the test. We, in here, concentrate on knowing more about these dates, and the factors that affect your decision of selecting one.When can you Take PSAT?PSAT is administered only two times per year. Therefore, if you wish to receive a scholarship for say the academic year of 2013-2014, then you should be taking the PSAT in the year 2012. This means that to be eligible for the scholarship in time for your first year of under graduation, you should take the PSAT while you are in your junior high school year. Hence, it is advised that you start planning for the PSAT right from your sophomore year. This helps you understand the momentum you would require to be successful in the PSAT.Planning for the test appropriately is quite an important factor for those of you considering taking the PSAT with zeal to achieve the scholarships. Furthermore, a good score in PSAT can be an accomplishment only if you maintain a good Grade Point Average (GPA) through your high school, since it is also a factor for your selection for scholarships. Hence, it is advised that you be good at academics and at the same time prepare well for the PSAT in order to score high.PSAT Test DatesFor the year 2014, the dates for testing are:

  • October 15, 2014, Wednesday
  • October 18, 2014, Saturday

These dates are quite important for the students who are now in their junior grade since they are the only candidates eligible to enter the scholarship competition conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), the official administrators of the PSAT. Furthermore, sophomores and aspiring students in younger graders can also look forward to planning their test in the years ahead.Other Important PSAT DatesApart from just the dates of testing, there are certain other very important dates and deadlines that you should observe carefully. Moreover, it is advised that you keep regularly updated with the dates and other deadlines for any changes, although, seldom does this happen. However, it is advised that you be a regular follower of the official PSAT website ( in order to know updates and entire information pertaining to the PSAT.The other important dates that you should keep a note of include the deadlines for

  • Applying
  • Registering
  • Requesting for fee waiver services
  • Submission of NHRP verification forms
  • Special accommodations etc.

In fact, there is a long list of such important deadlines, all of which you can find tabulated at the following official link: the above page, you can also observe the dates and deadlines for ordering different kinds of score reports. This is also a very vital aspect since getting your score reports in the right time would help you to apply for a couple of other scholarship programs that shortlist candidates based on PSAT scores. The most convenient aspect of registering as soon as possible for the exam is that you can remain tension-free and concentrate more on your exam preparation.