PSAT Test Center

Where can you take the PSAT?

With the PSAT test dates for the following year being revealed by the College Board, all the students will be meticulously planning to take the test. One of the most important aspects concerning the PSAT is the test center, t he place where you should take the test. PSAT is not administered online; instead, it has to be taken in a pencil and paper format. Since this test is administered only twice per annum, there exists heavy competition among test takers during the process of registering for the test. Booking atleast center without being late helps you keep your cool since you can select the one that is nearest to your locale.Where is PSAT Administered?National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) official administers the PSAT. However, this institution relies purely on the College Board in order to conduct this test. The test papers and other procedures pertaining to the test are overlooked by the College Board. Surprisingly, unlike other competitive examinations, PSAT is not administered through officially designated test centers. If you have to take PSAT, then you should visit a high school that is a member of College Board. If the school in which you are studying is an official College Board member, then it will be your PSAT center.Hence, a PSAT test center can be any school that is officially a member of the College Board. According to surveys, the PSAT is being taken by as many as three to four million candidates. Naturally, you can expect a difficulty for accommodation of test centers. Hence, if you can fast approach to register for any particular center in your locality, then you will have high chances of securing your slot.Where and When Can you Take PSAT?For the year 2014, the dates of PSAT administration are October 15 and October 18.  Keep yourself updated with test dates and deadlines’ information for applying for the exam right in time.In order to know whether your school or any particular school serves as a PSAT test site you may visit the link:, on this page, there are certain fields: school code, school name and address of the school, entering which you would be made known about whether the school you requested serves as atleast center or not. Furthermore, you can just find out whether they administer the test or not but you cannot know whether they allow you to test there or not. You shall have to either contact the school by phone or visit personally in order to know whether you will be allowed to test or not.Exceptional StudentsThere might be certain exceptional students like home schooled students and students who might be out of United States of America willing to take the test. As for the home schooled students, there is no other option other than requesting a local high school to arrange for the PSAT exam. Since this process may take considerable amount of time, it is advised that you approach the school well in advance to get things done without any hassles. Visit this link for any queries: you are a student residing outside of US, then you shall have to find an English-speaking educator who would help you register, pay and take the test. If you are a US student but residing outside temporarily, then you should follow certain regulations to make your candidature valid for the examination. You can help yourself by referring to the following link: to know about the procedures for making your candidature valid.

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