PSAT Test Registration

PSAT Registration Essentials

PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT and it is taken by the students in the eleventh grade to enter the scholarship competition conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). Although students of even the fifth and sixth grades take the test, only the eleventh graders are eligible for the scholarship competition. This test is very close to the SAT, making it very popular among the students. Nearly fifty percent of the students who take PSAT are in fact not eligible for the scholarship competition. These students take the test in order to get their performance assessed. Here, we look into the registration details so that you can register for the test in time without any problems.When and Where is PSAT Administered?PSAT is administered as a paper and pencil test twice per year. It consists of three sections just as SAT. For the year 2014, PSAT is administered on Wednesday, 15th of October and Saturday, 18th of October. PSAT is not administrated through PSAT Test Centers that are designated. You shall have to take the test in a high school that is a registered member of the College Board. For this obvious reason, the booking should also be made through the high school in which you wish to take the test.How Should You Register for the PSAT?PSAT registration is quite easy; however, you should note that it cannot be made online. You shall have to approach a high school that is allowed to administer the test. You can certainly know whether any particular institution administers the test or not through the online portal on the official PSAT website ( On this page, you can enter the particulars of any particular school in order to know whether it administers the PSAT or not.If the high school in which you study administers the PSAT, then you can directly approach the Principal or the counselor to request them to assist you through theregistration process. However, if you are a home-schooled student or your high school does not administer the test, then you should approach a nearby high school that administers the test and request to allow you to take the test in that particular school.Furthermore, PSAT is also taken by students belonging to countries other than the USA. Nearly, 70, 000 students belonging to countries other than US were reported to have taken the PSAT in the year 2011. If you are one such PSAT aspirant, then you should find an English-speaking teacher who shall assist you through the process of signing up for the test, paying the test fees and handing over the Official Student Guide to you.PSAT Registration EssentialsWhile registering for the PSAT, there are certain essential aspects that you must consider. They are listed below:

  • The first and foremost aspects that you must consider are the test dates and the deadlines for the registration process.
  • Refer to the link to find a table of all the test dates and deadlines concerning PSAT registration, administration, and score reporting.
  • Moreover, you should remember that of the two test dates dedicated for PSAT administration, any particular high school shall be allowed to administer the test on any one of the test dates intended for PSAT administration. Hence, you should be cautious and approach the institutions fast.

This is all the information pertaining to the registration for PSAT. Make sure that you make your registration fast and in time so that you may stay focused more on the preparation for the examination.

What you Should Know before PSAT Registration?

Registration for PSAT is quite different from the registration processes of all the other conventionally administered competitive examinations. Many of the competitive examinations are providing online services for registering, paying the fee amounts etc. However, one has to register for PSAT only by appearing at a PSAT Test Center in person.What Should You Know before PSAT Registration?Before planning to make your registration, you ought to know some information pertaining to the test dates and test centers. Actually, PSAT is administered by high schools that are members of the College Board. Unlike the SAT, there will be no designated test centers for PSAT, hence, you should approach a high school, which is a College Board member and request forbooking details and procedures. For the year 2014, PSAT will be administered twice on the dates of October 15 and October 18.The other important point that you should note is that a high school is allowed to administer the PSAT on any one of the above mentioned test dates. Therefore, you should confirm the test date before proceeding withthe registration. Mentioned below are links with descriptions that are essential for you to obtain the entire registration information or any other piece of information pertaining to the test.PSAT Test RegistrationIt is certainly important that you gain adequate knowledge regarding the registration procedures and information about the available PSAT testing dates. Furthermore, the details pertaining to the test fees are also necessary. You shall have to read articles that provide all the required essentials for getting registered for the test. The method of registering for the exam for different kinds of students like US residents and students residing outside US should all be known clearly to make you aware of theprocesses.PSAT DatesYou shall have to obtain comprehensive guide to the information pertaining to the dates of PSAT. It is important that you not just know about the testing dates but also must focus on gaining information about all the other important dates such as score release dates, application deadlines etc.For PSAT, planning is quite important right from your sophomore year. This is because you shall be eligible for the PSAT/NMSQT scholarship competition if you take the test while you are in your eleventh grade. Hence, planning your test timely is quite important.PSAT Test CentersInformation or guidnce given at a PSAT test center often includes the explanation of the administration of the test. More importantly, you should try to explore all the feasible options that you might have if you plan to take the test.Concerning the PSAT, it is advised that you take special interest in knowing about the test centers in detail. This is because PSAT is administered not through designated test centers but through College Board member high schools. Hence, it is fundamental that you learn the concerned procedures pertaining to this.PSAT FeesThere are different fee structures for procedures such as registering for the exam, obtaining extra score reports etc. Furthermore, fee waiver services are provided by the NMSC for the candidates who cannot genuinely afford the test.Additional PSAT SupportFor any additional information and queries regarding PSAT registration procedures, you can contact the PSAT/NMSQT office in order to be addressed. This page consists of the full contact information of the office of the PSAT. You can contact the concerned authorities by phone between 8 AM and 4 PM.The following are some other important links that one should consider to visit if necessary: