GED - Language Arts Reading

What is GED Language Arts Reading Section?

Like most of the other sections of the GED, the Language Arts Reading section also comprises multiple-choice questions. Comprehension passages are provided here, which you have to study closely in order to answer the questions that follow.

At, we will help you hone your analytical and critical skills by providing you with a multitude of practice questions. These practice questions will cover all possible types of problems that you may encounter during this particular section of the test. Subsequently, they will ensure that you are able to take the test with ease and confidence. So start solving some practice tests right now!

How to Prepare for the Language Arts Reading Section

The best way to prepare for this section of the test is by practicing. The more practice questions you solve, the more efficient you will become in assimilating information and this will help increase your confidence. Moreover, the comprehension passages that you will have to read during the test can be citations from poetry, prose, drama and non-fictional prose all of which might pose a surprise for you and hence; the more you practice, the more acquainted you will become with the type of questions that you will have to solve.

At, we endeavor to familiarize you with a variety of questions which range from understanding the passage to identification of the conflicting viewpoints represented in a passage to knowing the primary theme of the passage. Want to know more about them? Start solving some practice questions straightaway!