GED - Mathematics

What is GED Mathematics?

Mathematics is an important part of your high-school curriculum and hence, there is an entire section of the GED dedicated to evaluating your expertise in the subject. At, we will help you overcome your concerns regarding GED Mathematics by ensuring that you solve a multitude of math problems, so that you are confident enough on the day of the test. The Mathematics section comprises 50 multiple-choice questions, which you have to solve in 90 minutes. Want to know more about this section? Then start solving some practice problems right away!

What to study for GED Mathematics

The Mathematics section comprises math problems on topics that were a part of your high-school curriculum. Hence, the topics that you should study to ace this section of the test are...

  • Operation with numbers
  • Geometry and simple measurement problems
  • Statistics
  • Analysis of data
  • Algebra

The above-mentioned list only mentions the topics that you have to study for GED Mathematics. Moreover, the term Mathematics is almost tantamount to practice, because true expertise in the subject can be only achieved with proper practice! So start solving some practice problems right now!