GED - Science

How to Prepare for GED Science

There is no better method of preparing for Science for GED, than by practicing. At we will ensure that you get sufficient practice, by providing you with a large number of practice questions that will cover all the topics under  Science. So let's start practicing now!

What is the GED Science?

In the Science section, you will get 80 minutes to solve 50 multiple-choice questions. The primary topics that these questions will cover are...

  • Physical Science, which will consist of questions on Physics and Chemistry
  • Life Science, which comprises questions on Biology
  • Earth Science and Space Science, which will consist of basic questions on planetary movements, laws guiding them etc.

Since the questions will be based on your high-school knowledge of science, it is a good idea to revise your 11th grade science books. Other than that, we will provide you with a number of practice questions, which will cover all the above-mentioned topics and many more.

At, we understand that you want to complete your education that hitherto was left incomplete. Our practice questions are designed keeping in mind your requirements and also those of the examination that you are about to take. So remove your concerns, by solving the practice questions right away!