GED - Science

Some Features of GED Science Section

The GED Science section questions will cover topics that were a part of your high-school curriculum. Moreover, the questions will be multiple-choice with no negative marking for a wrong answer. Thus, in case you are unsure about an answer, you can make a guess. The best method to understand the Science section is by solving some practice questions. At, we will provide you with a large number of sample as well as practice questions, so that you are able to take the test with ease and confidence.

What to Study for Science

It is a good idea to revise your high-school science books, while preparing for Science for GED. The questions that you will come across in this section of the test will not be straight forward. Instead, you may have to study paragraphs discussing a scientific experiment or figures and charts representing scientific details and draw inferences based on the information provided. The best way to understand the question types is by solving some practice questions. At, we will ensure that you solve a number of science questions covering important topics under Physics, Chemistry and Biology. So start solving some practice questions straightaway...

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Chemistry Practice Tests

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