GED - Social Studies

GED Social Studies Question Type

The GED Social Studies section is a test of not only your knowledge of history, civics and economics, but also your critical and analytical skills. For the questions of this section, you will have to study paragraphs (which may include graphic data like diagrams and grids) and then assimilate your answers. Hence, you must be adept at analyzing graphs or extracting the required information from the passages given. If you are feeling confused, start solving some practice questions immediately. The questions that you will come across in are very similar to the actual test. So start solving now...

What to Study for the Test

The best way to prepare for Social Studies is by studying high-school books on history (world and USA), civics and economics. Other than that, you should also solve the practice questions on, so that you can evaluate your performance and identify your weaknesses. You should also check out some of the sample questions to gain an insight into the nature of the questions. So without further ado, start solving some practice tests straightaway!