GED - Language Arts Writing Part II

What is GED Language Arts Part II Test?

This section of the GED will evaluate your ability to express your thoughts in a coherent and logical manner, through an essay. You will have to write a composition within 45 minutes, based on a given prompt. Ensure that the composition you write is free of any grammatical or punctuation errors or mistakes with regard to the structure of the sentences. Do you want to try your hand in writing compositions? Then check out the practice prompts available on our website,!

Preparing for GED Language Arts Writing Part II

To ensure a good score in this section, you must practice writing compositions on a variety of topics. The more you practice, the greater will be your confidence and you will be able to take the test efficiently. When writing the essays ensure that they are interesting to read. This is possible by writing simple, yet logical essays. So, go ahead and read some sample essays and then proceed to solve some practice questions straightaway!

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