SAT Math – Student-Produced Responses

The Mathematics section of SAT does not comprise of mere straight-forward mathematical problems. It includes the Student-produced Responses, which test your capability in solving complex mathematical problems.The Student-produced Responses are one of the two question types of the SAT Mathematics section. Out of the 54 questions that include two different question types, 10 questions are Student-produced Responses; the other question type being the standard Multiple Choice.

Question Modeling

  • In a grid-in question, you will have to solve the given problem, in order to arrive at the answer. You cannot make any guesses, since there will be no answer options provided. You will have to write the answer and darken the respective ovals as well. This entire process has to be followed carefully, if you want to receive full credit for your answers.
  • Study the grid thoroughly before you provide the answer. You will see that you cannot provide the answer in mixed fractions. Similarly, you cannot provide any negative or mixed numbers. Hence, if you arrive at such a number, then you can be assured that you must have made some mistake while solving the question.
  • Write down the answer carefully in the grid. If you do not write the correct answer, but darken the correct ovals, it will be considered as a wrong answer.

How to Improve Your Skills

Mathematics is a subject that you can master only with practice. However, you should practice in such a manner that it helps to increase your score. Randomly solving mathematical problems will only prove to be counterproductive.ExamFocus brings to you hundreds of Mathematics practice questions that are designed to cover various topics to help you increase your skills. On clicking the following five links, you shall go to the page that offers hundreds of sample questions for your practice.