SAT Test Registration

Steps for SAT Registration

If you think that all you need to do to ace the SAT, is to prepare well for it, then you are not entirely correct. You also need to complete your registration at the earliest, to ensure that you get a seat on the test date and in the SAT Test Center that you have selected. So you can see that registration is of paramount importance. For your convenience, the important steps that you need to take in order to register for SAT have been discussed in the following sections of the article. Each section consists of a particular number of steps.Decisions that You Need to Take Before Registering1. Selecting a Test DateThe first step that you ought to take towards registering for the SAT is to decide on a test date. The points to be taken into account while doing so are as follows:

  • Select a test date that gives you sufficient time to prepare for the SAT.
  • Your test date will also decide whether you are going to join college for a spring or a fall session. Ensure that, you select a date that provides enough buffer time for your scores to reach the colleges before the admissions deadlines.
  • The test dates for candidates taking the SAT from the USA or its territories are different from international students. So, while selecting the test date check the details provided in the website carefully. The following two links will help you choose your test date:

2. Selecting a SAT Testing CenterThe second step towards registration is the selection of a convenient test center. Some points that you should consider while doing so are as follows:

  • If possible, select a center near your residence, so that you do not have to travel a lot on the day of the test.
  • Selection of a test center will also depend on the type of SAT that you are taking. In other words, the testing centers might differ depending on whether you are taking the general SAT or the SAT subject tests.
  • Ensure that the center you select holds the examination on the test date that you have chosen. This is essential, because all centers do not hold the SAT for all the test dates.

To select a convenient test center, click on the following link: third step that you must take, before you actually begin the registration process, is to select the institutes where you want to send your scores.Some Links to Help You Register3. Choosing the CollegesThe third step is about availing a facility provided by the Collegeboard. In the registration form itself, you are required to select 4 institutes, to which the Collegeboard will send your scores, directly. Choose the colleges after you have gathered all the information about their minimum score requirements. Then depending on your preparation, you can try to predict your SAT scores. Based on these two things, you can understand which colleges will consider your admission application, favorably. If you require more information on this then click on the following link: The final step would be to register for the examination.4. Registering for the SATThe fourth and final step would be to register for the test. For the convenience of students, Collegeboard allows them to register by any of the following methods:

  • Online registration: If you want to register online, then you have to create an online account and fill up the registration form. You can pay the registration fees through a valid credit or debit card. This is the most preferred method, because there is no waiting period between registering and confirmation of registration. If you want to register online then click on the following link:
  • Registering over phone: This is applicable only for candidates who have registered earlier. In other words, if you already have a profile, because you have taken the SAT earlier, then only can you register over phone.
  • Register through mail: If you are below 13 years or your country does not have online registration facility, then you can register by mail.

Completion of RegistrationAs is evident from the article, you need to do some homework before you initiate the registration process. Otherwise, you will get confused during the registration process. You should register for the examination as early as possible. This will not only reduce the stress related to the examination, but also give you an idea, as to how much time you have to complete your SAT registration. Once, you have done your homework, you will see that the registration is completed without a hitch.

Everything You Need to Know About SAT Registration

The registration process for any examination requires certain amount of prior preparation. The same applies for the SAT. If you check the official SAT website, you will find that you have to mention the desired test date, test center etc. while filling the registration form. Hence, you will have to spend some time in considering various requirements of the registration process. You will also need to analyze the ideal time for you to take the SAT. To help you with registration, the various nuances have been discussed in the following sections of the article.Choose the Correct Test DateAs you begin preparing for the SAT, you will be able to estimate the time you require to complete your preparation. While selecting the SAT test date, the preparation time is the most important factor that you should consider. The second thing that you should take into account is the admissions deadlines of the various colleges that you want to apply to. While choosing the test date, ensure that you have provided sufficient time gap between the test and your scores to reach the colleges. Once, you have selected the test date, your registration process will become simpler.Choose the Correct Test CenterStudents often fare badly in the SAT if they have not selected a convenient SAT testing center. By ‘convenient test center’, we mean a center that meets most of your requirements. For example, it is better to choose a center that is close to your residence, since traveling a long distance on the day of the test can prove to be very strenuous.Moreover, all testing centers do not hold the examinations for all the test dates. So, while selecting a center, ensure that it holds the examination on the date that you have selected. These two are the most important elements that you have to decide beforehand, for smooth booking.Choose a Registration ProcessThe SAT is an international examination. Hence, other than students from the advanced nations, the SAT is also taken by candidates from  remote corners of the world. Keeping this in mind, the Collegeboard allows you to register online, over phone or by mail. However, most students prefer to register online, because it ensures that your registration is confirmed immediately. Nevertheless, if you want to register by mail, then you will need to fill up the registration form manually. You will then have to post the completed form at the address mentioned in the prospectus. If you require more information regarding the registration process, then click on the link given below:Pay the Registration FeesThe final step for registration is the payment of the fees. Remember that the registration fees differ based, on your country of residence. So ensure that you pay the right amount during the registration process. However, the Collegeboard, provides a number of waivers to reduce the Cost. Before you begin to register for the examination, ensure that you check whether you are eligible for any such waivers and then make the payment.Completing the Registration ProcessAfter you have understood the requirements, you should complete the registration process at the earliest. This will ensure a seat in the test center of your choice. Moreover, based on the test date that you have selected, you can develop your SAT study schedule. So register as early as possible for the examination and continue your preparation with ease.