SAT Test Overview

SAT Test Basics

Preparing for any examination, irrespective of how common the test may be, begins with the gathering of information about it. If you are considering appearing for an internationally recognized examination like the SAT, then too your first step towards preparing for it would be to familiarize yourself with the nuances of the examination. Thus, gathering information is essential if you want to understand the challenges that you are to take up, as you prepare for the test. In order to aid your understanding, certain characteristics of the examination have been discussed, in the following sections of the article.Question Paper StructureUnlike many other college entrance examinations, the SAT is more traditional. It is a paper based examination. In other words, you will receive a booklet, or the question paper, which you will have to solve by hand. The question paper would consist of the following parts:

  • The Critical Reading section; consisting of sentence completion and reading comprehension questions.
  • The Mathematics section; consisting of different types of questions designed to test the knowledge of math that you have gathered in high school.
  • The Writing section; consisting of questions that will test your grammatical knowledge, as well as, your essay writing capabilities.

As you can see from the above-mentioned list, the SAT not only examines your scholastic capabilities, but also your critical and analytical skills.Know Your SAT ExaminationIf you want to pursue a successful college career then the first step that you should take towards it is, scoring well in your SAT. The college admissions authorities primarily, consider your GPA and SAT scores, while evaluating your admission application. To help you score well in the test, some essentialinformation is as follows:

  • Time consumed in the examination: Another essential piece of information is about the stress level of the examination. This is analyzed by not only the difficulty level of the questions, but also depends on for how long the examination continues. According to the Collegeboard, the SAT is to be completed within 3 hours 45 minutes. After you take into consideration things like orientation, administration related work etc, it can be safely said that, it will take you nearly 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete and submit the answer script. Hence, you can understand that it is a moderately long examination.
  • Preparing for the test: Any endeavor to gather SAT information is incomplete, if you do not know how to prepare for the test. Since, it is a college entrance examination, it is usually taken by high school students. Therefore, the topics that will be covered in the examination will correspond to your high school curriculum. However, this should not make you lax. The questions asked in the examination are usually quite complicated. You need to practice a lot and familiarize yourself with the topics and questions, if you want to ace the examination. You can prepare for the test online, on your own, or hire a tutor. You can also enroll in a preparatory course, if you are not confident about studying on your own. However, the only fail safe rule for a worthwhile attempt is practice and hard work.
  • Registering for the test: The final info that candidates always require is, regarding the registration process. The SAT test dates differ based on your location. In other words, depending on your country of residence, you will have to choose a test date and test center. After you have done that, you can register for the examination online or by mail. However, remember that you should register as early as possible, if you want to book a seat in the test center of your choice.

The above mentioned list outlines certain basic info.Link for More Information on the SATIf you require elaborate details the click on the following link: is a link to the official website and will provide all the details that you require. It is important to note that if gathering information is the first step, then proper preparation is the next and most essential step. So gather all the information you require and start preparing for the test at the earliest.