SAT – Writing

The SAT writing section score is a testament of your critical skills. College admission authorities require to know it in order to understand whether you are sufficiently prepared to pursue a college career. Hence, you should not consider it to be another English language test and should prepare well for it.


  • Sub-sections of the writing section: The writing section of the SAT consists of 2 sub-sections, which are an essay and multiple choice questions.
  • You will have to write an essay on a given topic in 25 minutes.
  • You will have to solve 49 multiple choice questions in 35 minutes: Improving Sentences, Identifying sentence errors, Improving Paragraphs

ExamFocus’ Practice Support

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Testing & Scoring Scheme

  • The SAT writing is not merely an essay test. It covers a number of topics other than writing an essay. Thus, the score you get in this section will give you an idea of your knowledge of English, as well as, your capacity in being able to write a meaningful and coherent essay.
  • The SAT writing score comprises the score you receive in the essay and the multiple choice questions. The essay score can range from 2 to 12.
  • It is scored by two examiners and the sum of their scores is your essay writing score.
  • The score for the multiple choice questions are marked on a scale of 20 to 80. The sum of both these scores is the total score for the writing section of the SAT.