SAT Word Lists

The language section of the SAT requires you to develop a particular type of vocabulary. The words (and their meanings) that you will be required to remember during the examination, are not very ornate and complicated. On the contrary, the words used in the Verbal section of SAT might be simple, but these are words that you do not commonly use. In other words, they are often synonyms or antonyms of common words.Thus, learning specific SAT words is essential if you want to fare well in the examination. It is in such a scenario that  wordlists become very helpful. Moreover, learning words also helps you in developing your vocabulary. In the following section of the article, websites consisting of such wordlists have been discussed.Developing Your Vocabulary for the SATLearning new words can become a tiresome process, because it involves only memorizing words and their meanings. However, you should make the process interesting so that you do not lose your enthusiasm while learning from lists. Some websites that promise to do so are as follows:

  • This website offers to teach words in an elaborate manner. It consists of a large number of words, followed by their lengthy explanations. This will ensure that you understand the word meaning and the application of it, as well. As you scroll down the web page, you will see that the synonyms and antonyms of the words are also given. If you learn them, then you will have learn in a single effort at least three words. Hence, if you require a website that discusses words at length, then you must check out this one.
  • Memorizing wordlists can seem to be meaningless and tedious, if you do not understand the application of it. This website aims to do just that. It not only provides you with an elaborate wordlist, but also explains how to learn it and then apply it. Moreover, it provides a very precise list of words that commonly appear in the SAT. It also gives along with the words and their meanings, the context in which they can be used. Thus, if you require a website that is comprehensive and result-oriented, then you should definitely check out this one.

Students preparing for the SAT are often unable to give much time to developing their vocabulary. However, the websites mentioned in the following section of the article promises to teach you words, without consuming much time.Develop your Vocabulary Anywhere Anytime!In order to develop your vocabulary, you need to devote a lot of time. Nevertheless, during SAT preparation, time is of the essence. Thus, the following two websites promise to teach you words without taking up much of your time.

  • Often students find it difficult to put aside time in their SAT schedule, specifically, to learn words. They usually depend on the vocabulary they already have and this often spells disaster even for deserving candidates. This website tries to allay the time issue, by allowing you to download the app it provides on your iPhone or iPad. This ensures that you can learn new words anytime and anywhere. Other than the time you have set aside in your schedule, you can learn words even when you are taking a break from your studies. Moreover, this website provides a large number of words along with their meanings. The added advantage is that, it teaches you the application of the words by providing a short story of 2 to 3 lines, using the particular word. Thus, this is the website for students who want to learn words in an entertaining manner.
  • As the name of the website suggests, it consists of a large number of words. However, this website basically provides an app that can be downloaded on your mobile phone or computer. You can then install the software and learn words with the help of the various games that it provides. This ensures that your enthusiasm does not decrease over time, because you will be learning words while playing games. Hence, if you require a website that provides a fun and easy way of learning words then you must check this website.

Once you have checked these websites, you should proceed with developing your vocabulary. How you should do so; has been discussed in the following section of the article.Learning WordsThe above-mentioned sections provide a list of websites that offer to teach you words in a number of different ways. Check them out and select the website that you are most comfortable with. Try to follow the procedure suggested by a particular website, in order to prevent any confusion. However, you should be patient while developing your vocabulary, because learning words is a time consuming process. So, work hard and be diligent and you will be amazed to see that your vocabulary has improved a lot.