SAT Test Fee

How much do You Pay for SAT?

Before you begin to register for any examination, you should have a clear idea of the cost of the examination. This is especially important for an international examination, like the SAT. For example, if you are an international student and wish to take the SAT, then thorough knowledge of thecost involved is very essential. Some of the issues that affect the price of the examination are as follows:

  • Firstly, because when you register, you will have to pay the registration fees in dollars and not in your native currency. Hence, you should make arrangements accordingly.
  • Secondly, the total cost has a number of sub-divisions, which you must understand; otherwise you might end up paying more.
  • Finally, the Collegeboard provides a number of waivers, which you can avail. Using these waivers will help reduce the overall cost of the examination.

Therefore, there are many factors that come into account when the total price is in question To help you have a clear understanding of the pricing of this examination, the various nuances  have been discussed in the following section of the article.Understand the Fees Structure for the SATYou can register for the SAT online, over phone or by mail. However, before you even begin to register for the test, take a pen and paper and jot down the exact facilities you require. Based on them, you can analyze the fees that you have to pay.

  • Registration process price: It might sound odd, but your SAT cost may increase or decrease based on the type of registration process that you are using. If you register for the test online then you will have to pay $50. However, if you are planning to register over phone then you have to pay an additional $15. Moreover, registering over phone is available only for candidates who have registered for the examination previously. Candidates who are registering for the first time will have to register either online or by mail.
  • Testing location: Since, the SAT is an international examination; it is taken by students from all over the world. However, if you are taking the test from the USA or one of its territories, then your basic registration fees would be $50. For international students, the basic fees are $81 as the Collegeboard charges extra $31 to fund the international testing centers. If you are taking the test from India or Pakistan then along with the $81 registration fees, you will have to pay an additional $24 as surcharge.
  • Late fees: Although, it is best to register for the test early, yet sometimes you might be late in registering for the test. In such a scenario, you will have to pay late fees. If you miss the registration deadline, then too you can register by paying an extra $27.

Along with those mentioned above, the Collegeboard provides certain extra facilities, which you can avail. They have been discussed in the following section of the article.Fees for Extra FacilitiesIt is only natural that you will have to pay extra money for any extra service that you ask Collegeboard to provide. This in turn will increase the total money you pay. Some of the facilities that you might want to avail are as follows:

  • If you want to send your score to more than four institutes, then you will have to pay $11 per extra institute.
  • If you want to change your test center or test date then you can do so by paying $26.
  • If you want your paper to be checked by an examiner, then you will have to pay $55.
  • If you want your scores to reach early to the institutes then you can ask Collegeboard to send them electronically or by first-class mail. You can avail this facility by paying extra $31 and $11 for each extra report.

Along with these facilities, the Collegeboard provides facilities, like, retrieving your old SAT scorecards. Although, these do not form a part of your registration fees, yet these services are often required by students. Therefore, it is important that you analyze these services and check if you would require to avail them.Some Links to Help You Understand the Price of the SATThe above mentioned list outlines the general costs that students face while registering for the SAT. If you require more information  then click on the following links:

The first link provides all the , details for students taking the test from the USA. The second link is for international students, who want to know how expensive the SAT is. Once, you have an understanding of the cost of the examination, registering for it becomes simpler. Moreover, you can also save money by choosing only the basic facilities that you require. So, understand the cost of the test, your requirements and then make the final payments for the test.