GRE Test Dates

When Can You Take the GRE?

Choosing a proper test date for the GRE is as essential as preparing for the test. GRE test dates are available throughout the year, for candidates appearing for the computer based version of the GRE. However, if you have to take the paper based (PBT) version of it, then you will not have such a vast choice regarding test dates for GRE. The PBT version of the GRE is held only three times in a year. Nevertheless, while selecting a test date, there are certain points that you should take into account. Some of those points have been discussed in the following section of the article.Selecting GRE Test DatesGRE test dates are announced long before, to give you sufficient time to choose your test dates, plan your preparation and complete the registration process. Selection of the test dates is also essential; because it will help you plan your examination schedule. It will also provide the required impetus to spur you onto preparing for the test. Hence, to help you select a suitable test date, some pointers are as follows:

  • Selecting Test Dates and Test Centers: The examination dates that you select should correspond with the dates fixed by the test center most convenient for you. This is important, because all test centers do not hold examinations on all the dates. Therefore, before you select a test date, ensure that the nearest test center holds the examination on the particular date.
  • Choosing the GRE Test Dates: It is often suggested that you should select more than one GRE test dates. This will give you some buffer time to prepare for the test. If for some reason you cannot take the test on the date that you have selected, you can always appear for the examination on the next most convenient date. Moreover, if you select more than one GRE date then you will not have to inquire, once again, whether or not; the examination will be held in the test center of your choice.
  • Know Your College Admission Deadlines: The test date that you select should also be done, keeping in mind the admissions deadlines of the colleges that you want to apply to. For example if you want to join a college in the spring semester, you should take the GRE latest by January. You should also select dates in such a manner that there is sufficient time gap between taking the test and receiving the scores. This will also ensure that you do not miss the admissions deadlines.

The list above outlines the points that you should remember while selecting the examination dates. However, you should select that date, with which you are comfortable and which provides you sufficient preparatory time. In the following section of the article, this point has been discussed at length.Take Time to Prepare for the ExaminationThe test date that you select should be such that you have sufficient time to prepare for the examination. The dates should allow you enough buffer time to collect all the materials that you need, in order prepare well for the examination. This is especially important, if you are considering preparing for GRE on your own. If you take the examination on the earliest possible date, then you will not get sufficient time to prepare for it. Hence, your examination attempt will also not be worthwhile. So select GRE dates only after analyzing how much time you need to prepare for it, because that alone will ensure good results in the examination.Preparation for GRE should be Perfect!Remember, scoring well in the GRE is absolutely essential if you want to get admission in renowned colleges of the USA. In order to do so, you must work hard and prepare well for the test. GRE is a test of not only your knowledge, but also your analytical and critical skills. These skills can be developed only with practice. The scores that you receive in the examination will reflect both of these abilities. Thus, you must be very careful while selecting test dates.Once you have selected the dates, try to adhere to them strictly as rescheduling or canceling of those will mean wastage of time, as well as, money. Therefore, you should first understand your requirements and then select the test date for GRE. After doing so, all you need to do is prepare well for the examination!