GRE Test Numeric Entry

Details of GRE Numeric Entry Questions

The mathematics section of GRE, both general and subject test, is designed to test your knowledge of basic and advanced mathematical operations, respectively. However, ETS has introduced a number of changes in the GRE question paper, to test your knowledge to the maximum. Thenumeric entry questions have been designed with similar aims. Although, they are basically mathematical problems, which will test your knowledge of various concepts of math, yet they are also designed to analyze and examine your concepts pertaining to integers and fractions. However, there are certain unique features of this particular section of GRE Analytical section, which have been discussed below.Know Your Numeric Entry QuestionsUnlike other questions in the GRE, the numeric entry questions require you to provide the correct answer. After you have solved the problem, instead of choosing the correct answer, you will have to enter the answer in the space provided. In the iBT format, you will have to take the cursor to the answering space, click the mouse and then enter the answer. Usually, you will have to give the answer rounded off to the first decimal place or as an integer. In order to help you understand the nature of numeric entry questions, some features of these types of questions, have been discussed in the following section of the article.Understanding the Numeral Entry QuestionsThese questions require you to solve the entire question, because you do not have a set of probable answers to choose from. Thus, you cannot hazard a guess! You will have to solve the given question, step-by-step, in order to fill the blank with the correct answer. The various other features ofthese questions are as follows:

  • Answering the questions correctly: If you want to ace the numeric entry questions you will have to answer the questions correctly. In order to do so, you will have to read the given questions thoroughly. After you have understood the questions, start solving them. Although, GRE is a timed examination (i.e., you will have to solve all the questions asked in the test within a fixed time limit), yet it should not deter you from solving the problem step-by-step. Do not answer the questions hastily as that will definitely lead to a wrong answer.
  • Check the requirements before entering the answers: The questions will contain the information, regarding how you should enter the answers. Read each question thoroughly to understand the format in which you should provide the answer. If the question tells you to that the answer should be in the form of an integer, then ensure that the answer is a whole number. If after solving the question, you find that the answer is coming in the form of a decimal then ensure that you round it off to the nearest whole number before you enter the answer. Similarly, if it is asking for an answer up to 2 places after the decimal point, then round the answer off in such a manner that there are only 2 digits after the decimal point.
  • Avoid making mistakes: In the numeric entry questions, it is very easy to fill in the wrong answer. So cross check with the answer that you have got on solving the question and the answer that you have entered to ensure that the two of them match. Candidates often solve the question correctly and by mistake enter the wrong answer. In such a case, you will receive no credit for the answer, even if you have solved the question correctly.
  • Revise your answers: These questions require you to be careful at many levels. You should ensure that the answer is correct with respect to the information provided in the question. You should also make certain, before entering the answer that the format in which you are providing the answer is in accordance to the question.

Thus, revision and careful attention is essential if you want to do well in the numeric entry questions.A Link to Help You PracticeBased on the sample above, you can devise a method for solving these questions. To help you further in understanding the particular questions, a link is given below: out the particular link and start preparing for these questions. Remember, proper practice alone will ensure good results in this section of the GRE and the entire examination as a whole!