GRE Test Issue Analysis

As the name suggests, in an ‘Analyze an Issue’ essay, you will have to critically study the topic given to you. You will then have to write a coherent and evocative essay where your analysis of the issue provided becomes apparent.In answering such questions, understanding the given issue and subsequently interpreting the given topic is quite important. If you can understand and analyze the topic properly, half the battle is won! However, you must practice hard in order to ace this section of the test.In order to so, you must take the following points into account:

  • Identify the assumptions made by the author
  • Agree or disagree with the topic
  • Substantiate your judgment by providing proper explanations

How will you be Evaluated?

The GRE writing tasks scores are mentioned separately in your GRE scorecard. Although, they do not form a part of your percentile rank, yet the writing scores are an essential part of your overall GRE score. Thus, a good score in the writing tasks will increase your chance of getting admission in the college of your choice.ExamFocus, with a view to provide GRE aspirants an edge in this particular question type brings to you many different topics with examples. Following are links to five analyze an issue questions with sample essays.