GRE Analytical Writing

In the Analytical Writing section, you will have to write two essays on the given topics.Click on the following links to find expert tips and tricks which help you in writing a good essay within the provided time frame. Go through the essay examples in order to help yourself ease through this section of GRE.

Argument Essay

Analyze an Argument essay requires you to read the topic and write an essay where you will be arguing for or against the motion. You will have to understand the argument in the topic, in accordance with the question given and then write an articulate essay, which will be able to convey your ideas clearly. Following are two quick tips which can help you draft a good essay.

  • Provide plausible/believable arguments.
  • Draw a logical inference.

Issue Essay

Analyze an Issue task is primarily an analytical and simple essay writing test. However, unlike the essays that you have written in school, this requires you to do a critical analysis of the topic given before you begin to write it. In order to help you write the essay in a better manner, some of its features along with some tips to help you handle the topics better, are as follows:

  • The essays expect a critical analysis which does not imply criticism of the point of view which opposes yours.
  • You should either agree or disagree with the topic.
  • Substantiate your judgment based on your point of view.