GRE Test Centers

Where should you take the GRE?

Preparation for the GRE is incomplete if you have not chosen the test center from where you ??will take the examination. The GRE is held in nearly 700 test centers in 160 nations, all over the world. In spite of that, candidates often find it difficult to choose a test center, which is convenient for them. Try to ensure that theGRE test center that you choose should not be far away from your residence. However, sometimes candidates have no option but to choose a distanttest center. An easy way of avoiding such a scenario is by registering for the examination, as early as possible.

Nevertheless, you should not register for the examination in a hasty manner. You should find out all that you can about the test center that you select, before you register for the examination. The test center should also be selected after carefully considering, whether or not; it meets most of your requirements. Hence, to help you select atest center, some features of a good test center have been discussed in the following section of the article.

Know Your Test Centers for GRE

During the registration process, you will be required to choose the test centers from where you want to take the GRE. Hence, it is necessary that you research well and find out about some convenient GRE test centers, before you select one. Otherwise during the registration process, you will get confused about selecting the most suitable test center for yourself. In order to help you do so, some features that atest center fpr GRE should have are as follows:

  • The test center that you select will largely depend upon whether you are appearing for the computer based or paper based GRE. The iBT version of the GRE is held almost throughout the year, whereas the PBT version is held only in 3 months of the year. To decide about the version that you will be taking, click on the following link:
    Once you know the type of GRE that you have to take, you will be able to decide about the test centers that are most convenient for you.
  • It is preferable that the test center that you select is a Prometric one. Prometric is a firm that helps organize different types of examinations throughout the world. Since, they are a well known and with their name being associated you can be assured of the authenticity of the test center. Choosing a Prometric test center will ensure that there are no unforeseen circumstances or hitches on the day of the examination.

Some Other Points to be Considered While Choosing a Test Center

The GRE testing center that you choose may not depend entirely on you. It might get automatically decided based on certain other things, like the test date. These compulsory features are as follows:

  • The test center that you select will also depend upon the examination date that you select. All test centers do not hold all the GRE examinations. So find out whether the test centers that you select hold the examinations, on the dates that you have chosen. Otherwise if during the registration process, your test date and center do not correspond, your registration will not be accepted. This is a very important point that you must take into account while selecting the GRE test dates.
  • The test center that you select will also depend upon the type of GRE that you are appearing for. In other words, the test centers allotted for the general GRE are different from the ones allotted for the subject GREs. So find out which for type of GRE, the particulartest center has been earmarked, before you select the examination center.

Choose a Test Center Only After Careful Consideration

Remember to choose a test center that is close to your residence. You do not want to be travelling long distances on the day of the test. So if you can manage then choose a center that is close to you and register for the test at the earliest. This will ensure that you are able to grab a seat in the test center of your choice.

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