ACT Test Centers

How to Select an ACT Test Center?

ACT is a college entrance test for the colleges and universities of the USA and it is administered worldwide. Although there are a limited number of test takers outside Canada and USA, the procedures for registering for the exam have been made easier for the students who wish to take the test at an international testing site. Selecting a test center is one of the most important aspects of the whole process of testing. There will be many factors that might affect your decision and your decision of a center might also affect your performance in the test. This article focuses on providing you with some tips regarding the selection of a perfect test center for you, a decision that has the potential to be instrumental in your success.ACT AdministrationBefore entering the discussion about the right centers for you, let us first know about the way in which the ACT is actually administered, in particular. As we all know, ACT is administered six times a year in different months. Each ACT administration takes place on a Saturday. However, the students who face serious religious hindrances with taking the test on a Saturday can request for testing on another day. As part of this request service which also includes other relaxations, one needs to request ACT, Inc through the ACT Arranged Testing request form.Details About Test CentersThe ACT is administered through designated centers. You can locate an one in your locality by visiting the official website of the test. Visiting the link, you can directly enter the details of your locality in the chronological order of Country, State and City in order to get the list of all the available test centers. International students willing to take the test outside USA or Canada can visit the following link in order to view the list of the available centers:, in case, no list appears after entering your locale details, then it means that there are no centers available in the place you wished. Then, you shall have to choose the next nearest one. Moreover, you can visit the following link to view the request form for Arranged Testing: to Select a Center?Selecting the right test location is quite important for anyone since it is the place where you should concentrate and exercise your abilities in order to score well in the test. Listed below are some steps following which you can take the final decision:

  • The place in which you wish to take the test must be the one that is nearest to you. For this, you must first search for the test centers and then short list the one that is closest.
  • Registering online would help you know about the availability of the requested test center instantly and then you can quickly choose an alternative if required. You cannot do so if you choose to register by mail.
  • If there are no test centers available for testing in your locality on the test dates of your choice, then you may also request for Arranged Testing. Most probably, this kind of a situation might arise for the International students.
  • Registering for the test in time is important. If you register for the test in time, then you will have more options of t centers to choose from. Moreover, you can be sure of the vacancy in the place of your choice.

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