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How to Judge a Book for ACT?

There are two ways in which the students prefer to prepare for any competitive test. Either they attend a coaching institute or prefer to study on their own for the examination. However, for any of these modes of preparation, preparation books are the common sources of knowledge and competence. Moreover, for preparing for ACT, one should focus more on time management skills rather than gaining mere knowledge, which apparently comes from relentless practice. There are manybooks for preparation out there in the market. However, you shall be able to read only a few. Hence, selecting the right ones for your preparation is quite essential.

How to Judge a Book for ACT?

The following points illustrate the way to correctly judge the preparation books:

  • You should select the books that have more number of practice problems, so that you gain edge in solving the questions more than merely acquiring the knowledge. You should note that you can gain conceptual knowledge from even your academic test books, but what you really need are the twisted problems that thepreparation guides provide.
  • Secondly, you should care to see the popularity of the book, the publisher, and the author etc to make sure that you are in safe hands.

These are the basic points to note. Five famous books are being reviewed below. You may choose the one that precisely helps you.The Real ACT, 3rd EditionAlmost every successful ACT test taker or educator recommends this book since it is probably the best of all those available in the market. If you wish to score exceptionally in ACT, then, this book is must. The Real ACT is an in-house publication of the ACT, Inc and consists of all the official previous ACT test questions for your practice. It consists of scores of practice questions apart from 5 full-length ACT practice tests to simulate your performance. Furthermore, you get tips from the administrator’s perspective and there are many strategies laid down for your benefit. You may buy this book at: the ACT, 2013 EditionCracking the ACT, 2013 Edition is one of the highly preferred guide books published by The Princeton Review. Princeton Review is known to concentrate more on providing test taking tips and tactics to help students save time. Well, this book accomplishes it all. There are three full-length practice tests that come along with this book apart from hundreds of proven strategies. You may buy this book at: Graw Hill’s 10 ACT Practice TestsThis ACT preparation book is more helpful for testing your competence levels. This book, as the title suggests, consists of 10 full-length practice tests. Moreover, you may get to practice more tests online if you purchase this book. It is a very good book in terms of providing you with good practice questions in the model of the original test to help you strategize your test taking skills. You may purchase this book at:’s ACT 36This ACT prep book is a full-fledged guide to your ACT preparation needs. It consists of comprehensive explanations to all the concepts of ACT that are encompassed through all its test sections. It consists of scores of practice questions apart from full-length practice tests to help you gain experience over the real ACT test model. This book is being developed by experts with an aim to help you score the perfect ’36’. You can buy this book at: ACT 2012 PremierKaplan books have been famous, as always. This book, in particular comes with a CD, which consists of video lessons to give you an experience of classroom teaching. Furthermore, the book comes with 6 full-length practice tests and focuses more on giving a comprehensive approach to solving the questions. There are proven strategies and tips along with detailed answer explanations to solved examples in order to help you competent through all the test sections. You can buy this book at: