ACT Test Fee

ACT Fees

How much do you Pay for ACT?

ACT is a college entrance examination and it is administered globally to facilitate the colleges and universities across the USA to absorb high school graduating students into their graduation programs. This test is, in fact conducted as a competition to another such college entrance examination, SAT. However, before planning the testing dates for the test, it is essential that you know everything about the test in detail. One of the aspects that you have to know about is the fees. We, here in this article, will discuss about all the details pertaining to the fees of the test that you might have to pay during the process of your testing.ACT Test FeesBefore knowing the amount of money charged for the test, you should know that the ACT is administered in two formats. One is referred to as the ACT Assessment Test and the other one is referred to as the ACT Assessment Plus Writing test. Apparently, the difference between these two formats of test is the Optional Writing test. Primarily, the fees for the test are US $35 and for No Writing format they are US $50.50.The above said fee amounts also include the charges for sending you the score reports for upto four colleges provided that you have requested the same at the time of your registration. You can see that the Optional Writing test costs a US $15.50 extra. If you miss the Writing test, which is conducted separately, then, on a written request, you shall receive the refund against the extra amount from the administration authorities. Let us now know about the various kinds of costs that you will come across through the whole process of your testing.Additional Test FeesApart from the normal test fees that you shall have to pay, there are certain other additional test fees amounts that you might want to have a look at:

  • You take the ACT in order to apply for colleges and universities. The ACT, Inc, at the time of your registration will allow you to have four college choices. If you want extra choices apart from the ones provided by default, then you will have to shed an extra 11$ fee for each of the college choice. Furthermore, there are certain rules and restrictions for this request. Based on the time of your request, you will be charged differently. Refer to the link: for further information.
  • Normally, telephone registration is not available. However, by adding an extra fee of US $13 to the original amount, you may avail the service of telephone registration. The late registration fee is applicable only for the students hailing from US or Canada, which can be availed by adding 22$ extra.
  • If you miss the late registration deadline, you may request to register by availing the Standby testing service, which requires an extra amount of US $43. However, your chances of getting registered will purely depend upon the availability at the test center. You will get a full refund if you are denied.
  • The International testing students shall have to pay an additional fee amount of US $30 apart from the regular fee amount.
  • Changing a test date costs you an additional US $21. You may visit the following link for more information:
  • To avail the Test Information Release (TIR) service, you shall have to pay an extra 19$ fee amount.

Fee Waiver ServicesFee waiver service is something that almost all the competitive tests provide for the benefit of the students, who genuinely do not have the ability to pay the fees amounts. However, there is a stringent procedure for you to be considered genuine to receive the fee waiver. You shall have to satisfy to certain norms and should be able to provide the required documentation for the same. You may refer to the following link for more information: