ACT Test Math

ACT Math

Characteristics of ACT Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that is almost synonymous with the term ‘practice’! Hence, we will ensure that you solve a large number of math practice problems. This subsequently will make certain that you achieve high scores in the Mathematics section of the ACT. Like other sections of the test,  mathematics also comprises multiple-choice questions, with no negative marking for a wrong answer. The practice questions that you will come across on have been formulated taking these points into account.

What to study for Mathematics?

The section will cover all topics that were a part of your high-school curriculum. At, we have ensured that you solve practice problems covering topics like:

  • Operations dealing with numbers (whole, imaginary, irrational and decimal)
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • Solving equations (linear, simultaneous and quadratic)
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

As you proceed with solving the Mathematics practice problems, available on, you will become acquainted with the question paper format and your confidence will increase. As a result, you will be able to take the test more efficiently. So start practicing right now!

Nature of ACT Math Section

The ACT math section comprises 60 multiple-choice questions, which you have to complete in 60 minutes. The questions will cover topics that were a part of your high-school curriculum. Want to know the exact nature of a typical ACT math question? Then start solving the practice problems on Exam…

Solving Math Problems for ACT

The best method to learn about topics covered in the Mathematics section is by solving practice problems. This will not only get you acquainted with the topics that you have to study for math, but also provide you with much needed practice. We will ensure that you get to solve a multitude of practice problems, so that you can take the test efficiently.You will not get more than a minute to solve and choose the correct answer, during the examination. The unique feature of is that we provide a stopwatch at the bottom right hand corner of each practice question. This stopwatch will tell you the time you take to solve each question, thereby helping you evaluate your efficiency level. If you want firsthand experience, then start solving…