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ACT – Science

Want do you Need to Know About ACT Science

Confused about your expertise in science? At we, are going to help you overcome your concerns, by providing you with a multitude of  Science practice questions. Consequently, these practice questions will help you evaluate your knowledge of the subject.The Science section comprises 40 multiple-choice questions that are to be solved within 35 minutes. The questions will be based on passages, which will discuss various scientific topics. For example, some of them can be excerpts from scientific research journals, which you have to read and draw logical conclusions accordingly. If you are feeling confused, then start solving our practice questions and see your competence and confidence level increasing!

What to Study for the Science Section

The science questions that you will come across in ACT will not be very simple or direct, but they will be based on topics that were a part of your high-school curriculum. So you should revise your science books and develop your analytical skills. These questions are formulated to analyze your capacity to draw the correct inference, based on the information provided. If you want to know more about  Science under the ACT then start solving the practice questions right away!

How to Ace ACT Science

The  Science section of the ACT does not comprise simple questions on science, but questions that require logical deductions. At, we will provide you with ample practice through a multitude of practice questions on Science. We will also teach you to draw logical inferences through our sample science reasoning questions. Once you have solved the practice questions, you will be able to solve all types of science questions with ease!

What is the ACT Science Segment?

Prospective college students take the ACT to evaluate their knowledge of various subjects that they have studied in high-school, and to facilitate the admission process. Since Science is an important branch of study, the test has a separate section dedicated to various types of science questions. The types of questions are:

  • Passages which you have to read in order to draw conclusions based on the information provided
  • Study graphs/charts or data provided in a similar manner to draw conclusions from them
  • Study research summaries, which consist of two different kinds of data
  • Read passages that provide conflicting perspectives on a scientific research

As is evident from the list above, you will have to use your logical and analytical skills, to answer these questions. The practice questions that we have formulated at will help you hone these skills. Moreover, our sample questions will help you gain the much needed insight into the specific nature of Science questions. So do not procrastinate and start practicing now!

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