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Like all the other sections of the test, the English section also comprises multiple-choice questions. These questions will evaluate your knowledge of English grammar, diction, usage and mechanics of the language. Why don’t you solve a sample question to gain an insight into the exact nature of the section?You will have to solve 75 questions in the section, within 45 minutes. At, we endeavor to provide you with a large number of practice tests of varied nature, so that you have thorough understanding of English grammar and its application.In order to equip you, to face all types of questions in English, we will provide you with practice questions modeled exactly on the lines of the actual test. So start solving some questions right now!

Skills Tested in ACT English

The English section will evaluate your knowledge of the following topics:

  • Grammar: The questions on grammar will primarily examine your knowledge regarding, the correct application of English grammar and punctuation marks. You do not need to remember the rules of grammar by rote. Some questions will also be based on sentence structure and the mechanics of the language.
  • Rhetoric: These questions will evaluate your knowledge of diction, structure, organization and style in which a passage is composed.

The above-mentioned list will provide you with an insight into the topics covered in the English section. This will help you understand the topics that you need to study. However, the only method to become proficient in this section of the test is by practice. So start solving some practice questions straightaway!

Want to Know About ACT English?

The English section of the ACT will evaluate not only your grammatical knowledge, but also your expertise in rhetoric or diction of the language. All questions in this section begin with paragraphs/passages, with sections underlined. You will have to read the passage, especially the underlined sections, and analyze the question in context of the passage along with the underlined parts. Feeling confused? Why don’t you solve some practice questions to acquaint yourself with the exact nature and format of English?At, we will ensure that your knowledge of English grammar, its usage and diction are sharpened, by providing you with a myriad of practice questions. ACT English does not require you to remember the rules of grammar by rote, neither does it examine your vocabulary per se, but you will need to know their correct application, to ace this section of the test. The practice questions that you solve on will help you develop these abilities by providing you with a variety of questions, which will subsequently ensure that you are able to take the test with ease and confidence.

How to Study for the English section of ACT…

The only fail-safe method to achieve high marks in the section is practice! The practice questions on our website will teach you grammar, rhetoric and the mechanics of the language. As you progress from one practice test to another, you will find that your knowledge of the mechanics and usage of the language has enhanced. You will also find your doubts regarding the usage of words automatically disappearing! So without further ado start solving some practice questions straightaway…