ACT Test Dates

How to Select ACT Dates?

ACT, a college level entrance test, is administered to facilitate the colleges and universities of the USA to recruit candidates based upon their performance or merit. The ACT is administered worldwide and can be taken by the candidates who are about to complete their high school studies or equivalent degrees in their own respective countries. Although the ACT is administered in countries other than USA and Canada, the availability of test centers is very low thereby making the testing process a bit cumbersome in foreign countries. Furthermore, the dates for testing may or may not remain same in the USA and other countries. Let us now have an insight into the dates and know how to select the right ones.When is ACT Administered?ACT is administered six times a year, mostly in the months of February, April, June, September, October and December. The dates for testing until the academic year 2014-2015 have been released by the authorities. Since the dates are being informed well in advance, it is up to you to see that you plan the test accordingly. Furthermore, the ACT test dates for until the academic year 2014-2015 are same for the all the test takers, irrespective of the country to which they belong.ACT Test DatesFor the list of the dates for testing, you may visit the following link. In this page, all the test dates through 2012 until the end of the academic year 2014-2015 have been mentioned. Make sure that you notice the test date deadlines in order to register for the test in time. Moreover, registration deadlines for registering with a late fee are also being mentioned on this page: the right day and date for testing is quite important for your success. You should take the test in the designated test centers, which will be listed at the link: On this page, you should enter the details like your country, state or territory and city in order to obtain the list of the test centers in your locality. You may then shortlist them as per your convenience and ease and then register for the test.Selecting the ACT Test Dates

  • It is commonly advised that you plan your ACT testing well over a year ahead.
  • This will help you to prepare well for the test without neglecting the academics, which might also be a deciding factor during your college admissions. You should remember that you should not trade your GPA or extracurricular activities for ACT preparation. They are as important as scoring well in the test. Hence, if you plan very well ahead, then you will have enough time for concentrating on all the above said aspects.
  • Rather than just taking everything important in the last moment, start planning from now on so that you can slowly improve your competence levels without losing focus on your academics.
  • Coming to the selection of the month of taking the test, it fairly depends upon your convenience. The February and the April test dates might be a bit tedious because you will be going through your academic examinations. For this obvious reason, the June test dates will be a bit crowded.
  • Naturally, the September, October and the December dates are suggestible. However, if you wish to retake the test or have any other obligations, then you may choose the one that is convenient to you. However, leaving enough time for your preparation is mandatory in any case whatsoever.

Hence, pertaining to the selection of the dates for testing, it depends on your sheer convenience. Make sure that you prepare well, schedule all the aspects of your daily life in a punctual manner, concentrate on your high school studies apart from focusing on the competitive examinations that you wish to take, in order to make sure that you do not lose any chance in the admission processes.