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ACT – Reading

Learn About ACT Reading by Solving Sample Questions

What better way to study for Reading, than by solving sample questions? As you solve the sample questions, you will be able to gain an insight into the type of comprehension passages and questions that you will have to solve in ACT. offers a host of different types of comprehension questions that are formulated from passages covering a variety of topics. So start solving and begin learning…

What Constitutes ACT Reading

The ability to critically analyze the given information is an essential aptitude that all prospective college students must develop. The Reading section of the test, which comprises 4-8 comprehension passages each followed by a set of questions, aims to evaluate this particular faculty amongst students. At ExamFocus we have practice questions covering topics like:

  • selections from books/novels
  • excerpts from medical journals
  • articles on latest socio-economic issues
  • passages dealing with political problems

We will help you develop an eye for detail, as well as, your critical and analytical skills. We will help you take the test with ease and confidence, by providing you with a large number of practice questions. Once you have solved all the practice questions, you will find that you are able to handle all types of comprehension questions with elan.

ACT Reading-Simplified

Expertise in analyzing comprehension passages can be gained only with practice and we will help you become competent in the Reading section of ACT, through a host of practice questions. The section comprises of 40 questions, based on comprehension passages, which you have to solve within 35 minutes. This time limit is inclusive of the time consumed to read the passages.Hence, it is evident that not only will you have to read the passages quickly, but you will also have to develop an eye for detail, so that you can identify the important points of the passages quickly. How can you do that? Well, start solving the practice questions straight away and your efficiency level will automatically increase.

Topics You have to Study

Although, prior knowledge of the passages is not required, you must try solving passages covering socio-economic or political issues, excerpts from novels, medical journals, newspaper articles etc. At, we will provide you with practice passages covering all such topics and many more. Also, keeping in mind the length of the passages in the test, the practice passages on are also of equal length, i.e. 700 to 800 words.The practice questions that we provide are multiple-choice, like the ones you will come across in the ACT. The questions will require you to identify the primary theme of the passages, draw logical inferences based on the information provided etc. Do you want firsthand knowledge of the question types? Then start solving the practice questions on straight away!