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The Best Books of GMAT Reviewed!

As part of your preparation for the GMAT, it is quite important that you spend enough time towards selecting good  books that will be highly helpful for your preparation. If you are a student attending any tutorial center, then you would be provided with strong prep materials by the institute itself. However, there would be certain prep books that ought to be referred even if you attend classes. Thesebooks are irreplaceable and should be referred in order to make your preparation more edgy.The students who wish to prepare for the GMAT on their own should evidently take much interest in finding the right  books for making their preparation successful. For those and all the other students who are looking forward to buying guides that would be very much helpful for them to score high in the test, five important books have been reviewed here.The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 13th EditionProbably no student would ignore this outstanding book. The Official Guide is an in-house publication of the GMAC and can be considered as the most authentic ofall books. It g ives you firsthand experience of the  test from the administrators??? point of view. Moreover, with the inclusion of a new section (Integrated Reasoning or IR), buying this book is more like a necessity than just an option. This book boasts that nearly 20% of the questions published in the earlier edition have been replaced with new official questions. Hence, it brings you brand new questions with decent levels of difficulty that can help you improve your competence levels. You can buy this book for the most reasonable price at: New GMAT Premier, 2013Kaplan is synonymous with preparedness for competitive exams. Kaplan is a very successful exam prep company that offers extensive services ranging from prep courses to books for prep. This particular Kaplan review is considered one of the best all-in-one books by expert tutors worldwide. There is a conception that Kaplan offers questions that are of high difficulty levels and this seems encouraging for many students. For those who are really very ambitious about topping GMAT, this one’s the right book. This book comes with comprehensive explanations, more than 800 practice questions, 5 simulated CATs and questions on newly added IR section. You can buy this book at: Review Cracking the New GMAT, 2013The ‘Cracking’ prep book series of Princeton Review are preferred by many students for various exams. ‘Cracking the New GMAT’ is the fully revised newest edition focusing on the IR section too. This book gives you access to two full-length practice tests and comprehensive answer explanations. More importantly, the Princeton Review has always been famous for stressing on time-saving techniques by using shortcuts to solve questions. On those lines, this book too concentrates more on explaining shortcuts. Although, this book is not methodical, it is quite helpful if you are running short of prep time. You can buy this book at: GMAT Set of 8 Strategy GuidesManhattan GMAT is another good prep institute that offers prep courses in different areas of the world. When compared to the given list, this set of 8 strategy guides is way too costly. However, if you are willing to learn each and every single concept by being methodical, then this book is for you. It is by far the most comprehensive set of material than any otherset of books. Every section is dealt completely so that you do not have to look into any other material. It is a perfect book for those of you willing to score in the top lot. You can buy this book at: GMAT 800Kaplan GMAT 800 is a book for advanced students. This book might not help you if you are just beginning your prep. Any of the earlier mentioned books would help if you just started your prep. This book has a very good collection of questions that are on the high side of difficulty and offer you challenging exercises. Hence, if you are aiming at 750+ and have run out of prep books, this one???s for you. You can buy it at: