GMAT Scores

What is a Good Score in GMAT?

GMAT is a computer adaptive test or CAT, meaning that the questions that appear on the screen of any particular test taker depends upon his or her performance. However, this does not affect the scoring technique that is employed by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) while furnishing the test scores. There are misconceptions about the scores and the scoring technique. If a good student attempts the first lot of questions well, then it is obvious that he or she gets difficult questions while they progress through the paper. Many question what if they cannot attempt the difficult questions that appear in the test. However, this variation does not affect your scores since GMAC uses a very critical algorithm in order to evaluate your performances in GMAT.How is GMAT Evaluated?Your scores are a mixture of both percentile scores and scaled scores for each section of the test.

  • Normally, the scores range between a figure of 200 and 800. Surprisingly, this total score includes only the Quantitative and the Verbal sections.
  • The Integrated Reasoning section and the Analytical Writing Assessment section are scored separately.
  • The GMAC confirms that almost 70% to 75% of the testing population obtains a score that typically ranges between 400 and 600. This helps us notice that the average score of the test is typically around 500 out of a maximum of 800 in the Quantitative and the Verbal sections.
  • The scores of the Quantitative and the Verbal section range on a scale of 0 and 60.
  • The Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GMAT is evaluated on a scale that ranges from 0 to 6 and the score increments or decrements are half-point. Each of the two essays of the AWA section will be evaluated by two independent evaluators, of which one may be the automated scoring machine.
  • Likewise, the sum total of the Integrated Reasoning section range between 1 and 8 and have increments or decrements in one-point intervals.
  • On the whole, the scores of the AWA or the IR sections do not have any effect on either of the Quantitative or the Verbal sections and the whole GMAT score for that matter.

Good and Bad Scores:

  • It might have been clear to you by now that good scores would be those that fall in the range of 650 and above for the total score, which apparently includes only the Quantitative and the Verbal sections.
  • Likewise, a good score in the AWA section would mean a score of 5 or 6. A good score in the IR section would definitely mean a score of 7 or 8.

However, this would merely mean understanding the scores based upon the averages. It would be quite different when you take the scores accepted by the colleges and universities into consideration. Different colleges and different universities set their own standards based upon the popularity and demand they have among the student community. The top notch universities demand a total score of more than 750, which is pretty much high. Therefore, understanding what a good score is depends upon your personal requirements. If you aim at studying at the finest institution, then it is quite certain that you should score remarkably high.How are Your Scores Useful?You have to note that securing an admission may not necessarily depend upon your score. You shall also have to be appealing during the time of your personal interview. The scores will help you to have a place before the admission committee of the respective university of your choice. From then on, it all depends upon your caliber.More often, the universities might also consider your under-graduation and high school performance to evaluate your overall career until then. Therefore, it is advised that you maintain a good track of your career and also perform well in the GMAT to score in top lot to secure a seat in a world class institution!