GMAT Test Dates

When Can You Take the GMAT?

GMAT is administered as an entrance test for graduate level management programs of different universities and colleges situated all across the world. It is a very famous examination, since it is considered by most of the top notch business schools to recruit students. The test is the first step of your performance towards admission into a good college that offers top programs in finance, accounting or main stream management courses. Therefore, in order to be prospective in your future, you should be preparing for the test in a rigorous way. Taking the GMAT with planned preparation and on appropriate test dates is quite important for you to obtain a good score.How is the test Administered?It is administered as a computer-adaptive test and is taken more than an approximate two hundred thousand times per annum. This should help us notice the magnitude of competition that exists for the test. This is a fully computerized test; therefore, every student should register online and also take the test online. The test is created, organized and administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).When is the test Administered?Since it is administered as an online test, there are many advantages for this test over many other contemporary tests.

  • The very first important advantage of the test is that it is administered round the year except on a few general and public holidays, making it very convenient for you take the test on a day which you feel is convenient. Furthermore, you will have lots of days to choose from the many test dates.
  • Since the test is widely accepted and is administered worldwide, it is quite likely that there exists a  test center on the chosen  dates very nearer to you. In many cases, the test centers are even at a commutable distance, which makes you feel relaxed since there would be no tension pertaining to approaching the test center prior to your examination.
  • Furthermore, one can repeat the test just after a period of 31 days. This enables the test takers to save much time and choose from other test dates. Hence, like other contemporary tests, you shall not have to wait for a long time for the next testing date.
  • More often, it is quite necessary that you check dates in order to know about the availability of slots.

When Should You Take the GMAT?Taking the GMAT on an appropriate test date is quite important and this indeed, plays an important role in deciding your success. Merely selecting from the available slots will not be sufficient. You will have to be very choosy and be planned. Selecting the appropriate schedule is important because the test date you select is the deadline for your preparation and whatever strategies you make should lie within the scope of your test date. You should prepare a strong schedule and should be committed in the process of your preparation in order to score well in the test.One can attempt the test many times; however, you should just consider this as an option. It is advised that you put up a good score within a maximum of two attempts. More number of attempts on multiple test dates gives a negative impression to the interviewer. Therefore, it is advised that you choose a test date such that you leave enough time for your preparation, which is the main idea behind the success in the test. Since you are allowed to select your own test date, make a choice intelligently. Make sure that you leave no obligation to come in your way or to disturb your commitment towards the test.