GMAT Quantitative – Problem Solving

Important Points About Problem Solving Questions of GMAT

The Quantitative section of GMAT can be divided into 2 sub-parts of which Problem Solving questions form the first part. In order to solve the problems in this sub-section, you will have to…

  • Understand the given problem
  • Reason quantitatively
  • Solve the problem quantitatively
  • Evaluate how much information is required to solve the problem

If you are confused about the above-mentioned points, then check out some sample problems to understand these points better.

Topics that You Need to Study

At, we believe in providing you with hands on knowledge, of the topics that you need to study through a large number of practice problems. The practice questions for the ‘problem solving’ sub-segment will cover topics like…

  • Arithmetic
  • Elementary Algebra
  • Basic Geometry
  • Common concepts of measurement
  • Interpretation of graphs

The exact nature of the questions asked in this sub-section of the GMAT will become clear once you start solving the practice problems on our website. So let’s get started right away…