GMAT Verbal Section

GMAT – Verbal

The ability to critically analyze the given information and subsequently to draw logical inferences from it is what all successful graduate school students must cultivate. This is all the more relevant for MBA students and the GMAT evaluates these capacities in students through the Verbal section.Want to know where you stand? Well, our practice tests are just a click away!

GMAT Verbal Question Types

The Verbal section of the GMAT comprises two sub-sections:

  • Reading comprehension: This sub-segment comprises of passages of varied lengths (200-300 words), which you have to read thoroughly in order to answer the questions.
  • Sentence correction: This sub-part consists of statements, which may have grammatical, punctuation or structural errors. You will have to identify the errors and then choose the correct answer.

As it is evident from the nature of the Verbal section, you can ace the test only with practice. The Reading Comprehension practice tests available on will cover a myriad of topics, through which you will be able to hone your critical and analytical skills. The Sentence Correction practice Test will enhance your knowledge of English grammar and at the same time increase your efficiency. So start solving the following practice questions now!