GMAT Quantitative – Data Sufficiency

Important Points About Data Sufficiency Questions of GMAT

Like rest of the GMAT, the GMAT Data Sufficiency questions are also multiple-choice, but these problems are unique because you will have to…

  • analyze the problem
  • identify the information that is relevant to the question
  • analyze at which point there is sufficient information, so that you are able to solve the question

The only method of getting yourself acquainted with the data sufficiency questions is by solving some practice tests. These tests will also give you much needed practice, so that you are able to take the test with ease and confidence. So solve some GMAT Data Sufficiency practice problems straightaway!

Preparing for GMAT Data Sufficiency Sub-section

The only fail-safe method of preparing for the GMAT Quantitative section is practice and this is especially true for the data sufficiency questions. The more questions you solve, the greater will be your understanding of the amount of information required to solve a question quantitatively. Want to find out for yourself? Start solving some practice questions immediately!