GMAT Verbal – Sentence Correction

Sound knowledge of grammar is essential to successfully complete graduate school. It is all the more important, if you are going to take the GMAT. Here, at ExamFocus, we will ensure that by the time you have completed taking our practice tests, you are able to handle any type of Sentence Correction question with ease and confidence. When you take the practice test, remember a few important points about these kinds of questions.

Important Points About GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

  • All questions are of multiple-choice type and hence, all that you need to do is choose the correct answer.
  • Once you have chosen an answer and ‘marked’ it, you cannot go back and change your stance. So be careful, while choosing the correct answer.

You should start solving the practice questions right away, to understand what you can expect during the test.

What to Study for the Test

It is a good idea to revise your high-school grammar, so that you can recollect the rules of English grammar during the test. Some questions will require you to identify the relationship between two or more statements, so that you can recognize the error/errors in them. Other questions will have structural or punctuation errors that you have to identify.What better way to learn about English grammar, than by solving the practice tests offered by ExamFocus? So start practicing right away…