GMAT – Quantitative (Math) Section

GMAT – Quantitative

Studying Sample Problems for the GMAT Quantitative Section

Unless you practice hard and are well-prepared for it, the Quantitative section of the GMAT can prove to be quite challenging! At we will remove your concerns, by providing a multitude of practice problems covering all topics of the  Quantitative section of the test.

What is the GMAT Quantitative Section?

From the name of the section itself, it can be deduced, that the section comprises questions on branches of Mathematics. During the test, you will have to solve 37 problems in 75 minutes. This section comprises multiple-choice questions covering primarily, the following topics:

  • Problem Solving: This sub-segment will evaluate your knowledge of Arithmetic, Algebra and basic Geometry. In this sub-part, you will have to reason quantitatively to solve problems and also interpret data, provided in the form of graphs. Feeling confused? Solve these practice Test to gain insight!
  • GMAT Data Sufficiency: In this sub-segment, you will have to analyze the problem and find out whether or not there is sufficient information/data provided, so that you can solve the problem. If you are feeling concerned, then check out the Practice Tests!

Here, at ExamFocus, we endeavor to provide you with a holistic knowledge of Mathematics, through a number of practice problems. So, let’s get started right now!