GMAT Test Registration

Comprehensive Information on GMAT Registration

Test registration for GMAT is one of the most important aspects of the whole process of  testing. You should be much careful in selecting the appropriate test dates and should plan a lot of things prior to registration. GMAT is a computer adaptive test, commonly referred to as CAT. It is administered by the GMAC and the test is fully computerized, right from the process of registration to testing. Hence, it is quite important that you go through the required process in order to get acquainted with it. Moreover, it is advised that you approach your senior friends for help in regards to the process of testing and registration.Test RegistrationScheduling an appointment is the next step of proceeding further. After you zero in on a GMAT Test Center that is convenient to you, you should schedule an appointment for you to take the test. Before you are allowed to choose a testing date and book your slot, you should go through the process of registration. For registering you will be directed to the MBA login page, wherein you need to fill in a form providing your particulars. After doing this, you will be given a dedicated account with the GMAT official website, from which you can retake the test by scheduling an appointment again.Test DatesGMAT is administered throughout the year. However, depending upon the country and location, the test will not be administered on local calendar holidays. This enables you to take the test as per your convenience. You can take the test on the day that you can plan for yourself.Even though the test is administered throughout the year, we cannot be sure about which test date in any particular year attracts more number of test takers. Furthermore, the allotment of slot is permitted on a first-come first-served basis making it tough for you if you register late for the test. Since you would require quite a time for your preparation, it is advised that you decide upon a test date so that you can leave enough time for preparing for the test. This way, you can register early without any hassles and concentrate thoroughly on your preparation.Test FeesGMAT is one of the costliest competitive examinations in the world. The normal registration fee for scheduling an appointment is US $250. However, this is not all. GMAC, the official administrators of the test provide various services for the test takers like they can undergo GMAT test prep, obtaining an official GMAT handbook, test rescheduling, additional score reports etc. These are some services that GMAC provides for an additional charge. It is necessary that you take a look at all the services and corresponding costs involved in order to have a complete idea of all the fee related information.Test CentersThis is the link where you can locate a test center before you can plan your registration. Prior to planning the same, it is advised that you select a test center that is convenient to you in all ways and then, you can register for the test by choosing an appropriate test date. On this page, you will find a ‘Find a test center’ tab, clicking on which you will be redirected to another page wherein you should enter your address details along with your country. You can then know the five closest test centers that are available for you to take the test.Therefore, test registration is a very crucial process through which you will have to select your own testing date and time. However, you should be wise in choosing a time that is convenient and also allows you to have enough time for your preparation.