GMAT Test Fee

Financial Aspects of GMAT Test Taking

GMAT is administered worldwide and is widely accepted by a large number of colleges and universities in order to recruit students into their management programs. Furthermore, GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), the official administrators of the test, employ state-of-the-art technological methods to make the testing experience for the test takers convenient. Due to these reasons, one cannot apparently expect the testing process to be cheaper when compared to its contemporary entrance tests. Here, we discuss about the aspects concerning thecost (direct and indirect) of the test:

Cost of GMAT

First, the cost of a test cannot just mean the fee you have to pay for scheduling an appointment. There is more to it. In the process of  testing, there will be various kinds of problems for many test takers like some may have to reschedule the test or some would like to cancel the test. Therefore, cost  is merely the term used for the set of services that the GMAC offers to the test takers. If we have to mention the raw  cost of scheduling the test, which is the most primary requirement of any test aspirant, then it would be a sum of US $250. However, as already said, we need to understand more about the GMAT testing cost concerning all the other services that the GMAC renders to the test takers.What are the Services that GMAC Offers?GMAC basically offers five services for any test taker. Each service of the test is charged separately and requires you to pay separatelyas stated later in this article. Following are the five different services that GMAC offers:

  • GMAT Prep: GMAT Prep is software for all the test takers completely free of cost. You need not pay any fee against obtaining a copy of this genuine GMAT Prep software, which is very helpful through your process of preparation for the examination. All you need to do is download the copy from the official web-link (
  • GMAT Handbook: GMAT Handbook is a complete comprehensive test guide that can be downloaded for free from the link:
  • GMAT Appointment: Perhaps this is the most important service for which you have to pay the US $250. You will have to pay the stated amount of fee for booking a slot to take the test.
  • Test Reschedule: GMAC also offers the test takers to reschedule their test by paying a fee of US $50. If you wish to change your test date due to any reason, then you can avail this service for test rescheduling.
  • Additional Score Report: By default, any test taker can send the GMAT score reports to five handpicked colleges. In case, you wish to send your scores to more than five colleges, then you will require additional score reports, which you can order by paying a fee of US $28 for each of them.

Miscellaneous ChargesApart from the above mentioned fee details; there are few other details that you must notice pertaining to the cost of the test.

  • You can cancel the test by cancelling your appointment. In such a case, you will get a refund of only US $80 as against a paid sum of US $250 that had been paid while scheduling the appointment.
  • Further, you can also call the customer representative in order to clarify any doubts or raise a request in regards to any issue concerning the test. You can clarify your doubts free of cost but any requests that need attention will be charged. For example, cancelling your test appointment over phone will enable you to get a refund of only US $70, which means a sum of US $10 is charged against the request through phone.

Keep in mind all the details pertaining to the cost of the test. Make sure that you plan your test precisely and avoid burden of fees since GMAT is relatively costlier. Decide well and make your test a successful journey!