GRE-Reading Comprehension Select Many

The Reading Comprehension questions are one of the three question types of the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE. The passages cover topics from science, humanities, politics, current affairs, as well as, social and political issues. In this question type, you will have to answer questions based upon the passage that precedes the questions.

The Reading Comprehension question types in the GRE ask you to answer the given multiple-choice questions after carefully reading the given passage. You must select one or more than one answer choice from the given option statements.

Question Modeling

In these questions, for every question, you will be given three options, of which one or two or all the three could be correct. You should be choosing an option that could precisely express all the correct statements. You should note that you shall gain credit only if you choose all the options that are correct. Marks shall not be awarded for partial answers.

How to Improve Your Skills

Basically, the questions are either framed upon direct references or on indirect ones. You should be able to interpret the question correctly and then should evaluate all the answer options separately without taking others into account.

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